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Criminal Actions of Bill Knell (AGAIN)

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A sample of CDs and DVDs pirated by Bill Knell

Criminal Actions of Bill Knell (AGAIN)

I recently received a phone call from Lee Speigel, chief writer of unexplained phenomena for, and former host of NBC Radio's "The Edge of Reality," informing me that an audio album he did in 1975 entitled, "UFOs: The Credibility Factor," and put on a CD in 2007 by Mr. Speigel, is now being advertised on as a DVD under the same title, and being credited to a Bill Knell as the "Actor" and "Director." Mr. Speigel has also advised me that if you read the description Bill Knell has on his DVD, and compare it with the original album notes, not only did Knell steal his audio recording, and album title, he also plagiarized, WORD for WORD, everything Mr. Speigel wrote about the album 36 years ago.

I immediately informed Mr. Speigel that he had now become a part of a piracy scheme that Bill Knell (a long time criminal), has been doing for many years.

Bill Knell has been using the Internet to sell researchers and TV producers copyrighted videos and DVDs on the subject of Ufology for his own benefit, to the point of changing the titles, stating that he is the actor or director of the films he's pirating, and offering them for sale, many times at a reduced price, and definitely with a poorer quality than the originals. This is not only a scam against the researchers, but also the victims who have purchased these products. This is an infringement of copyright laws and a serious Federal Offense.

Frank Warren made me aware a few years ago that one of my DVDs, titled "The Roswell Incident: Then and Now," was being offered by Knell on a website entitled Bravenet, under the title of "Aliens Among Us: Stunning Secrets About UFOs and Extraterrestrials."

Aztec Incident Researcher Scott Ramsey also had a film being offered by Knell illegally, which after some detailed investigation by Frank and Scott revealed a list of over 80 researchers and TV producers products were being offered by Knell. Frank, Scott and myself, to make them aware of Knell's illegal action, personally contacted many of those victims, and we requested that they contact IC3 of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to report these violations. The on line IC3 form only takes a few minutes to complete and submit --- unfortunately only a handful of those we contacted bothered to do so.

We contacted and complained to FBI offices in North Carolina and Indianapolis, Indiana, Detective Maurice Hobson with the Lebanon Police Department in Lebanon, Indiana where Knell lives and conducts his criminal activities, and other law enforcement agencies. We were able to shut down several of Bill Knell's websites through our efforts, but it appears he is now using for his continued operation.

Contacting Knell directly is of no value, as he will only give excuses, as he's done to us, removing the products in question until he feels the pressure is gone, and then they reappear at another site on the Internet.

Rich Rosell of DVD Talk was contacted recently about reviewing one of Knell's pirated films and his only response was, as a reviewer it wasn't his place to take sides. Bill Knell deserves no publicity (good or bad reviews), but rather needs to be prosecuted and incarcerated for a long time, since any publicity given to Bill Knell, would be assisting his criminal actions, as is currently doing after being notified by several of us on different occasions.

My Nov. 1, 2009 editorial, "Piracy: A Silent Plague on Ufology" at: (also here on UFOINFO) explains some of what transpired several years ago when Frank Warren, Scott Ramsey and I first began trying to expose Knell. Obviously things haven't changed, and it's imperative that those who have been victimized by Bill Knell (researchers, TV producers and the many who have bought poorly reproduced, pirated, illegal DVDs) contact IC3 and complete the complaint form. The IC3 website can be found at

The following list of potential victims of Bill Knell was distributed a few years ago, and it can be assumed that Knell has possibly removed some (or worse), added more. Again it's imperative if you recognize your name or know anyone on the list contact IC3, so Knell's illegal operation can be stopped.

1 Al Bielek
2 Angelina Joiner
3 Bill Cooper (Estate of)
4 Bill English
5 Bill Moore
6 Bill Stanley
7 Bob Lazar
8 Brad & Sherry Steiger
9 Bruce Maccabee
10 Budd Hopkins
11 Cathy Ross
12 Chuck Zukowski
13 Clifford Stone
14 Daniel Sheehan
15 David Hatcher Childress
16 David Jacobs
17 Debbie Ziegelmeyer
18 Dennis Balthaser
19 Dick Criswell
20 Don Ledger
21 Donald Keyhoe (Estate of)
22 Donald Schmitt
23 Dr. Paul LaViolette
24 Dr. Steven Greer
25 Dr. Edgar Mitchell
26 Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
27 Ed abd Lorraine Warren
28 Edgar Cayce Foundation
29 Edward R. Murrow (Estate of)     
30 Erick Von Daniken
31 Frank Edwards (Estate of)
32 George Fawcett
33 George Knapp
34 Gildas Bourdais
35 Grant Cameron
36 Greg Bishop
37 Guy Malone
38 Ivan Sanderson (Estate of)
39 J. Allen Hynek (Estate of)
40 James Fox
41 Jim Marrs
42 Joe Montaldo
43 John Greenewald
44 John Lear
45 John Nebel (Estate of)
46 Ken Johnson
47 Larry Warren
48 Lawrence Fawcett
49 Lee Speigel (new addition)
50 Linda Moulton Howe
51 Lloyd Pie
52 Matthew Thuney
53 Michael Nelson
54 Michael S Heiser
55 Nick Pope
56 Nick Redfern
57 Oscar Jordon
58 Patrick Heron
59 Paul Bennewitz (Estate of)
60 Peter Robbins
61 Phillip Corso (Estate of)
62 Philip Imbrogno
63 Richard Haines
64 Richard Hall (Estate of)
65 Richard Hoagland
66 Richard M. Dolan
67 Rob Simone
68 Robert Emenegger
69 Robert Salas
70 Robert Wood
71 Ryan Wood
72 Scott Ramsey
73 Stan Friedman
74 Stephen Bassett
75 Susan Swiatek
76 Ted Phillips
77 Timothy Good
78 Travis Walton
79 Whitley Strieber
80 William Henry
81 Zecharia Sitchin

Today, Knell's DVDs are currently on Amazon Do a search for Bill Knell and you will see he is listed as actor or director on many of the DVDs, when he is neither. Bill Knell is a criminal and with your help he can be stopped. If additional information is required, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at, Frank Warren at or Scott Ramsey at

Dennis Balthaser