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Photo of underground tunnelling machine

Secrets Within the Earth

Many Americans and foreigners are still not aware of some of the secrets being hidden within the earth, commonly known as underground bases. Some of these facilities are operated by our own military and other organizations within our government, in addition to other countries that have similar facilities around the world. These secret underground complexes have become necessary, primarily due to the abundance of satellites in orbit above the earth, capable of seeing things clearly 200 miles to the surface. Secretive projects can no longer be accomplished above the ground due to the capability of these satellites, which are continually observing what takes place below.

Many of these underground complexes are located well below the surface of the earth and are massive in size, comparable to a small city underground. The equipment used to create these facilities continues to improve with new technology being developed, utilizing massive pieces of equipment to do their secretive boring with little knowledge by most people living above ground, that anything is transpiring below their feet. Some underground facilities have common usefulness such as tunnels for rail systems, transferring of water, while still many others are built for other purposes that we know very little about, sometimes referred to as "black projects."

Photo of two underground tunnelling machines

In order to realize the gigantic size of these machines, shown above are two examples of how enormous this equipment is compared to the people standing by them. Unless they are boring into the side of a mountain, the boring machines have to be assembled below ground. This requires a vertical shaft to be dug to lower the parts of these massive machines down to the location where the horizontal boring will begin. Many times a side shaft is bored after completing a project, and the tunnel boring machine is left underground rather than disassembling it and returning it back up to the surface.

Some believe there are as many as 120 or more underground facilities within the United States alone, and countless others in foreign countries. Many individual states in the United States contain one or more of these facilities. A majority of them may be interconnected with tunnels from one to another, capable of transferring people and equipment from one location to another in short periods of time, utilizing high-speed-magneto-leviton trains. Some of these facilities date back to the 1940's and 50's, with new ones being created yearly. Newer laser-drilling and nuclear machines are capable of drilling a tunnel seven miles long in one day, depending on the material they are boring through. Much of this equipment is commonly referred to as "TBM's" (Tunnel Boring Machines).

The nuclear TBM has an advantage over the mechanical machines, in that it produces no muck that must be disposed of by conveyors, trains or trucks. This improves and simplifies tunneling. These type machines would be extremely hard to detect, due simply to the fact that there would be no evidence of material brought above ground, as is done with most other boring machine types. According to the patent information for nuclear TBM's developed here in New Mexico, at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the 1970's, it states the machine is capable of boring a tunnel 40 or more feet in diameter.

Photo of U.S. patent from 1973 f0r 'method and aparatus for tunnelling by melting'

As many of you know, the United States Air Force has for years denied any knowledge of UFOs, or that the Air Force was investigating any such reports. It will, however, be impossible for the Air Force to deny that they have been involved with tunnel boring operations, since one of the boring machines has the Air Force emblem and the wording, "US Air Force" on it, and supposedly was used at Little Skull Mountain, Nevada, in December 1982.

Photo showing U.S. Air Force tunnelling machine Some examples of a few locations where tunnel boring machines have been used, would include locations such as Area 51 in Nevada; NORAD in the Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado; possibly White Sands in New Mexico; FEMA, which I mentioned in an article I wrote in March 2015; Raven Rock, Pennsylvania; Mount Weather in Virginia; and Pine Gap, Australia, to mention just a few.

One of the best authors on the subject of Underground Bases is Richard Sauder. I highly recommend reading his books if you have an interest in this subject. He has done extensive research on the subject over the years.

We know this type equipment exists and has for many years, and we know there are such underground facilities located in the United States and all over the world in many other countries. What we don't know a lot about is what these facilities are used for. I have always understood the need for certain operations needing to be done away from the prying eyes of our adversaries for national security purposes. However, I also believe strongly that some of those operations being done underground have nothing to do with national security. Keeping records of American citizen's, as FEMA has been doing for years, would be one that I would question the validity of. Very few common Americans pose a threat to our country, while required to pay for such equipment and facilities without any accountability from the government, under such terns as "Research and Development", "Special Projects," "National Security," and others. The "Black Budget" currently consumes at least $1.25 trillion per year, and no one in Washington seems to be asking what the money is used for.

As a veteran myself, I have always believed we should furnish our troops the best technology and equipment we possibly can. That requires much of it being done in secrecy, perhaps even in underground facilities, however I will continue to question some of the other covert operations we've heard about over the years that are being done for other purposes secretly, below ground.

Dennis G. Balthaser