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Photo from the Benghazi Attack


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the term, "Stand-Down" is described as, "a relaxation of status of a military unit or force from an alert or operational posture."

I have to wonder if that might not also be a term the military and/or government have used over the years to keep witnesses from disclosing what they actually know about the UFO phenomenon, through threats and other means. Having researched some of the stand-down orders that have been issued over the years, I'm disheartened by the way that has affected some of our diplomats and military personnel, and firmly believe it could also apply to keeping the truth about UFOs from the public. It also raises the question, who has given those in authority the right to make such decisions? When stand-down orders are given, the government denial of such orders usually follows shortly thereafter.

As I will explain in two cases that I'm aware of involving our military personnel and/or diplomats, those in authority who gave stand-down orders appear to have had no remorse for the lives that were lost, and it definitely appears that the orders to stand-down came from high up in our government and military. Therefore if a first-hand witness to a UFO event wants to reveal what they know, are they also told in so many words to stand-down, or not discuss it, or worse told to deny it? It appears to me that this has happened many times over the years.

A recent case of stand-down orders being issued, involved the attack on our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. Much has been reported by the news media, but it appears that no one in authority has, or will take responsibility for the order to stand-down. In fact, it's denied that the order was ever given to help our diplomat, or the contractors assigned to the Embassy, who eventually were brutally murdered. This type action by those in charge giving the order for assistance to stand-down is totally unacceptable for the American public.

Many Congressional hearings have been convened over the years; however, no one has admitted giving the order to stand-down to those involved during the Embassy attack. Rumors have persisted that those involved in issuing a stand-down order may have actually included the CIA, the Secretary of State, and possibly the President himself. One thing seems certain, based on the testimonies of people involved, that a stand-down order was issued, and as a result our diplomat at the embassy, several contracted Americans and others were murdered.

A State Department spokesperson during a press briefing explained that "there was no stand-down order," but there was a short delay "for very good security reasons to get additional backup and additional weapons" for the security personnel before responding to the attack. The spokesperson admitted there was a delay. Is there a distinction between stand down and delay? Also, why was that Embassy not properly protected in the first place, since that had been requested and denied?

Diplomats, American contractors, and particularly our military personnel deserve to be protected when assigned to locations around the world threatened by extremists who have no respect for human life. Americans serving our country's interests abroad deserve better than what appears to have happened in Benghazi.

Photo showing the USS Liberty Another disturbing case of a stand-down order happened on June 8, 1967. The USS Liberty (left) was a communication intelligence ship in the Mediterranean Sea in International waters, and was attacked by Israel. Based on the information presented by survivors over the years, it is believed that the sneak attack was deliberate and not a case of mistaken identity by the Israeli pilots and torpedo boats that attacked the unarmed ship. As a communication intelligence ship, it only had two 50-caliber guns for defense, which was no match for the onslaught by the Israeli pilots and torpedo boats.

As a result of this unprovoked attack by the Israelis, 34 Navy personnel were killed, and 174 were seriously injured. It appears that the Israel's intent was to sink the ship and prevent it from obtaining any intelligence pertaining to the ongoing war, which was in its fourth day. Israel was preparing to seize the Golan Heights from Syria, which President Johnson disapproved of.

There is no doubt that the Israeli pilots knew this was an American ship prior to and during the attack, since the American flag was displayed, and markings were in full view for the Israeli aircraft that over flew the ship eight times before the attack. During the air attack the USS Liberty was pounded with bombs, rockets, napalm and machine gun fire for 25 minutes. As if that wasn't enough, while fires burned on the ship, and scores of casualties were mounting, three Israeli torpedo boats closed in for the kill apparently attempting to sink the ship. The second of three torpedos's hit at mid ship, drowning 25 of the men in that section. The Liberty crew reported that the torpedo boats, when within 100' of the ship, turned machine guns on life rafts that were deployed into the Mediterranean, as well as a few on the deck.

According to a memorandum written by Admiral Thomas H. Moorer thirty years later in 1997, he stated, "rescue aircraft from the Sixth Fleet were recalled, which could have arrived to assist the USS Liberty before the Israeli torpedo boats attacked. Fighters were put in the air not once, but twice. They were ordered to stand-down by Secretary of Defense McNamara and President Johnson, for reasons we still don't know.

Photo showing the USS Pueblo
USS Pueblo

One year after the USS Liberty attack, the USS Pueblo was captured by North Korea. The question again is raised: why didn't an aircraft carrier in the area come to the aid of the Pueblo?

These types of actions are not acceptable. Full disclosure of the events should be made public, and those responsible must take responsibility for their actions. As I've learned researching UFO events for many years, stand-down orders are not limited to only our military, but also to civilians who know information and are either told to not say anything, or are threatened if they do. To me, that is but another form of the term "stand-down."

Dennis G. Balthaser