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Before reading my editorial I'd ask you to not take the subject title personally, as I'll explain it has a different meaning

Nellis Restricted Area Sign

Some people are still not aware of the existence of D.U.M.B. DUMB is an acronym for Deep Underground Military Bases. Rumors about these types of secret facilities have been rampant for many years, and we are now hearing more about them through eye witnesses; former employees of such facilities; and of course, the Internet. Many of these facilities, the size of a medium sized city, are located hundreds-to-thousands of feet below the surface of the earth. In America alone, there are an estimated 140 DUMB locations which have been under construction since the 1940s. Most of the locations (but not all), are under current military bases above ground. It's been rumored that there could be an estimated 1500 DUMB bases worldwide. We know that North Korea, Iran, Russia, China and other countries, have similar underground facilities for the same reason we in the United States have them: to do things in secret.

The protection of these underground DUMB facilities is obvious. For example, the signs at the gates to Area 51 state in red letters, "The use of deadly force is authorized." Having been at both gates at Area 51 in 1996, I have no doubt the signs mean what they say; curiosity seekers are not tolerated at these types of locations.

These DUMB locations are not limited to only the United States, as now most developed countries that have a need to do secretive work, also utilize underground facilities. There is a good reason for this when one considers the number of countries that have orbiting satellites which are capable of reading a newspaper from 200 miles above the earth. Hardly anything of a secretive- type project can any longer be performed above ground due to the multitude of satellites peering down from high above the world.

United States patent extract for nucelar-powered tunneling machine

People (sometimes known as whistleblowers) who have worked at these underground facilities, have come forward with information, sometimes at personal risk for talking about them. They have mentioned locations such as Area 51 in Nevada (22 levels below ground), the Northrop facility in Antelope Valley, California, (supposedly with 42 levels), and the Lockheed installation near Edwards, California.

In previous editorials I have written, I have mentioned several of these facilities. They are not limited to military bases only, as FEMA is heavily involved with underground systems, as is the Congress of the United States; the Pentagon; and other governmental agencies. Some witnesses go so far as to claim that many of these facilities are interconnected by high-speed magnetic-levitation trains, which move at unbelievable speeds.

Richard Sauder, PhD, has written some of the best books pertaining to not only underground bases, but also underwater bases. He talks about a nuclear powered laser boring machine that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in a single day, depending on the type material being drilled through. The heat of the boring machine is hot enough to melt the rock, forcing it into the walls making a glass like surface in the tunnel. Such a machine was developed at Los Alamos, near Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a patent date of September 26, 1972. That was 45 years ago, so I have to wonder what type of equipment has been developed since then to secretly bore through the earth.

So, if we have all these underground locations, and we have no idea what transpires there, where does the money come from to construct and maintain these facilities? If you said that we taxpayers foot the bill, you are correct. Another term for our tax money might be Black Budget money, which absorbs about 25% of the gross national product of the United States. It consumes about $1.25 trillion a year for funding these type black projects. As long as there is no accountability for these type projects, you and I will continue to pay $500.00 for a hammer, or $1,000.00 for a toilet seat. Congress approves the money as Research and Development, Special Projects or for National Security, and obviously Congress has no idea what the money is being used for.

I, like many other Americans, have for years believed that in this country we have two governments. One is the government you hear about in the news media, and learn about in school, while the other one, which we don't know anything about, is extremely secretive, comprised of many agencies, and has its own agenda. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14), during a conversation I had with him years ago, admitted to me that we do in fact have two governments. I can take what he said to the bank, based on his credibility over the years.

Many of these facilities that have been constructed over the years, have specific purposes for their existence and secrecy. As mentioned before, some are for developing new military systems, while others are for government agencies; and still others, for the protection of some of our elected officials. So, in the event of a national emergency, you and I who've paid for these facilities, are stranded above ground to fend for ourselves. Personally, I'm not comfortable with that.

Photo of U.S. Air Force tunnel boring machine

Several of the companies involved in these gigantic Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs as they're commonly called, which are needed for constructing underground facilities), include the Rand Corporation, Bechtel, Dawn Engineering, and others, have all been involved in tunneling for many years. The United States has had the personnel expertise to do this type work for many years through mining, constructing highways, railroads, drainage systems and so forth, so it is no surprise to me that for years the military and government would be involved with underground facilities, also out of necessity to maintain secrecy of their projects.

We know the U.S. Air Force owns at least one of these monstrous boring machine, which was used at Little Skull Mountain, Nevada, in December of 1982.

In conclusion, these types of underground facilities do exist, not only in the United States, but all over the world. I agree that some of the facilities are definitely needed for our National Security, while others' purposes are questionable. I will continue to search for new information pertaining to these DUMB projects and other government underground facilities, hopefully to eventually determine what some of their real agendas are really about.

Dennis G. Balthaser