Date: 2005

Hello Brian.

I have something that has shocked our family and their beliefs of extra terrestrials.

About 4 Weeks (late March/early April? - John @ UFOINFO) ago I noticed a cut on my back. I couldn't remember how it got there, and I couldn't recall injuring myself. The cut was about 3 inches in length, and was deep. There was no blood however.

The cut has formed into a scar, which looks similar to that of a surgery related operation.

I didn't think much, or take much notice of it until this morning.

My mother woke me this morning and complained of back pain and asked me to check to see what the problem was. After checking, I realized that her cut was identical to my cut 4 Weeks earlier. I showed her the scarring on my back, and she was shocked. After taking photos, we both noticed that our scars were exactly the same length. Her's however, was on the left side of her back, and mine was on the more upper right side of my back.

Both of us do not know how we acquired these cuts.

Both cuts are in a straight line, exactly the same length.

My mother never used to believe in extra terrestrials or conspiracies, but now this incident has encouraged her to learn more.

As this has only been discovered in the morning, we have not yet checked my Father or Brother to see if they have the same scarring in their backs.

My mother's friend is a Psychic medium is ready to do an evaluation of this. My mind is not that "elastic" to believe in afterlife and so forth, but we have experienced things related to this. It will be interesting to see what they uncover.

I have had similar things happen to me like this, one time waking to find my foot broken and my nose bleeding, and some other bruises that I know I have not caused.

Additional Information:

I currently live in Banora Point NSW Australia, and previously lived in Hastings Point NSW Australia.

I believe that I have seen and had contact with extra terrestrials, my previous submissions describing them. When I was a child, I saw 3 tall shapes around my bed, and another time I woke to find my foot broken and nose bleeding.

Also, I have seen a flaming red object in the sky, and just recently I discovered that a number of years ago my father saw a green object in the sky.

We have also experienced a strange occurrence in our town, when a bright white light flashed in the sky over our town, causing a blackout. All of our towns power is underground, and the nearest transformer is a couple of kilometers away.

After noticing the scars, I have found it difficult to sleep. I have noticed sounds outside, and sometimes have a feeling is if they are outside looking in at me.

I have heard strange noises at night, and sometimes both our two dogs bark late at night, for reasons we don't know.

Both my mother and I have strange "Tingling" feeling around the scars. I usually notice this feeling when around water, or when I go to bed.

I noticed mine four weeks before my mother noticed hers. Hers now, is beginning to form into what looks like a medical scar.

We have checked, and both my brother and sister do not have scars on their backs. We are not sure if my father has scars, as he won't let us check as he is quite against it.

Whether this is an Implant, Brand, or just a very strange coincidence.

After this incident, I believe my mother is trying to forget about it, and refused the psychic medium to perform an analysis.

Thank you to the people for the report and the photos.

The below four photos are of the Mother and Son's cut/scar on their backs.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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