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Report from Brian Vike

June or July - I was tracking Bald Eagle under attack by crows, as I scanned past Burke Mountain. Eagle flew behind Centre City Tower so I tracked back to the white object, was not a small aircraft like I thought. Object was about the size of a twin engine Seneca, solid white with no markings that I could see, was shaped just like a large Seagull, wings were curved down and back just like a Seagulls only about one half the length in proportion, no windows, no engines, Object was flying about 1500 ft. I tracked it east along the side of Burke then across the valley. Just when I thought it was going to crash into the mountains on the south side of the Valley it suddenly banked just like a fighter plane and continued on up the valley. I had it insight for approximately. 5 min. Speed approximately 150 to 200 miles an hour.

July - 2003 - Fairly clear but low cloud along the mountains, observed white object which appeared to be resting on the top of Burke Mountain. near the eastern end. I took a quick look through my 10x binoculars, object appeared to be about the size of a 3 story apt. bldg. and was not stationary but flying slowing along near the crest of the mountain. I looked away for a couple of seconds to switch over to my 15x60's and when I looked back it was gone. I scanned back and forth looking for it and had just decided it must have gone east over the mountain. when I observed a very large silvery coloured craft emerge from the clouds just to the east of Burke and fly north behind the mountain. Craft was a large flat disk rounded on the edges, portion wise, would be like looking at a quarter on edge, I would estimate the thickness to have been approximately 100 ft. so you can judge the diameter from that. It was very, very large. It had three long gangly appentadages hanging down below it, which appeared to be articulated and two to three times as long as the craft was thick. No domes, windows or exhaust noticed, craft just seemed to glide across and did not appear to be moving very fast but was only in sight for approximately five to ten seconds. If I hadn't been looking through my binoculars at just the right spot I most likely would not have seen it.

Aug.? 2003 - Approximately 17:00 - Sunny with cloudy periods, observed a glowing white object, which appeared to be in the vicinity of the Port Mann Bridge, estimated 500 to 1000 ft. figured it most likely was a Childs balloon but took a look through the binoculars. Object resembled a Paraglide Chute, without the strings or occupant. object was white and even had ribs just like a chute. Object maintained its arch and did not appear to wobble or drift with the wind. Object was in a slow vertical climb. I watched it for approximately 5 to 10 minutes as it climbed past the cloud level, (estimated at 20,000 ft.) and was still climbing when it went out of sight behind the top of my window frame. Last seen estimated 30,000 plus ft. and still going up.

Aug.? 2003 - Approximately 17:00 - Sunny and clear, approximately a week after the above. observed a glowing white object in the sky, approximately 40 degree angle and just to the south of the Port Mann Bridge. Thought it might be the same object as the previous week. Took a look through my 15x60's and observed what appeared to be a large rectangular mirror floating in the air. As I watched it slowly tilted at about a 45 degree angle revealing a solid black finish on the other side. Then the object simple vanished.

Not sure of date was still summer, - approximately 10 PM. Observed some sort of craft which appeared to be on approach to Vancouver Airport. Object was appeared to be flying just over the Fraser River, heading west, I didn't pay to much attention but noticed it looked kind of strange for a plane. Object had Large red lights, which appeared to be mounted above the apparent front and rear of the craft, a single Large white light, mounted below the apparent nose. Speed appeared to be about the same as most aircraft on approach. Appeared to be about 1000 ft. or perhaps a little lower. Approximately 01:50, was looking out at the lights, when the sky was suddenly lit up with a bright white light, almost like daylight, coverage appeared to be well beyond the horizon as I could see the mountains well to the north of the north shore. Lasted just a few seconds, was not lightning or anything similar. Did not notice any shadows to pinpoint the source, was just uniform burst of light apparently from outside the atmosphere. Never seen anything like it before.

Approx. 02:00 - Observed the same craft as earlier on same flight path headed for the Airport, this time I grabbed my binoculars. Craft appeared to have Orangey/Yellow colour on the fuselage near the white light, similar to our Search and Rescue craft. was too dark to make out the rest of the craft but I got the vague impression that it resembled a flying Diesel Locomotive without the wheels. I thought it might be a Search and Rescue Chopper but it didn't make any noise that I could hear and I saw the S&R Chopper the next day and seen several since and could not see any large red lights on the top like this thing had.

All last year (2003) I observed on clear nights a star like object rising over the North Shore mountains, each night the object would rise a little further east and by the end of the summer was rising just after sunset over Buntzen Mountain.. Object would move in a SE direction. To the naked eye it appears to change colours, White/Red & Blue. When viewed through my scope it appears to have a Red strobe light on the top and a Blue one on the bottom. Object appears to spinning as the Blue light appears to be slightly off set and disappears every few seconds. Object appears to be in near orbit, but I've seen the Space station pass below it and it is much nearer. Object appeared to be just a little smaller then the Space Station when seen almost side by side.

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Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

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