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The Blackout of 1965 and the Fireball

I live in New York. In 1965 we had a huge blackout that covered about six other states and parts of Canada. It was in the fall, November I believe. I was about 14 or so at the time.

I recall the blackout and all the fuss about it. My parents spent the day running around to provide us with lights, heat and food. We ate hot dogs cooked over the fireplace in the living room and played games. My Dad had a little transistor radio that provided updates about the blackout and general news.

I clearly recall sitting on the front steps of my house with my good friend Barbara, who lived next door, that night. We were singing and laughing and killing time while the world sat dark and silent. We sat on the front steps singing our hearts out until about 10:30 or so that night... I recall it being a very crisp typical New York fall night.

All of a sudden, we saw a huge orange reddish yellowish ball or orb streak across the sky over the houses. It was enormous. It went across the entire sky and was gone. I never saw anything like it before. Barbara thought it was a meteor or comet that was crashing through our space.

We ran inside and told the adults. My Dad came out looked and went back inside. It was nowhere to be seen.

I think we listened to the radio to see if they talked about what it was. I honestly do not recall anything other then seeing this huge red orb object on that day. As I look back at it I realize how odd it was that I took that sighting so lightly- and realize maybe, actually, I didn’t!

My life went on and I did not think much about that day. From time to time I would see the image of that huge burning ball in my head but would just chalk it up to part of the blackout that many others witnessed as well.

One-day years later I was out with my mother. I was now an adult in my mid 40’s. I would often take my mom out with me on my day off. We went for a ride on the Long Island coast and I treated my mom to lunch. I was going to drive through the town where I lived during that blackout. I thought it would be fun to ride my mother past our old house before heading to lunch.

As we drove by the house we once lived I off offhandedly remarked to my mother about the night of big blackout. I said to my mother “ That was some day mom, I can still see that huge red burning ball as if it was yesterday.” My mother looked at me curiously and said, “What are you talking about? What burning ball?” I looked at my mom;”You know that huge burning ball that fired across the sky the night of the blackout.” My mother looked at me as if I had two heads. “There was no burning ball in the sky, what in the world are you talking about?”

I told my mother my memory of sitting on the steps with my friend, seeing the burning orb streak across the sky and going into the house to report it. My mother told me I must have had a dream that happened, as she did not remember anything like that. I now was confused and concerned.

When I returned home I called my older sister and reported the entire story to her. I asked her if she remembered a fireball like that being reported or recalled that my friend and I had seen it. My sister did not remember anything like that either. I felt a bit uneasy and thought maybe it was a dream. I felt uncomfortable thinking I recalled a dream that clearly and always thought it was a real event.

A few years passed and I received an invitation that my high school class was having its 30th year reunion. I thought it would be fun to see all my old classmates and made arrangements to go. I heard my old friend Barbara was going to be there. We lost touch over the years. I was happy I was going to see her again.

The reunion was a big success and we all had a great time catching up and sharing stories. I made plans for my friend to come to my house for dinner before she returned to her home located in upstate New York.

Barbara came over the next day and we had a wonderful time catching up on all the details of our lives. After dinner Barbara and I took our coffee and pie out to my sunroom that looks out over the water and night sky. As we were looking out at the stars Barbara turned to me and said. “Remember that big orange /red ball that raced across the sky during the blackout?”

I nearly fell out of my chair. It was true. Barbara remembered it too. I quickly told Barbara the story of how my family did not recall any of it and how I thought I dreamed it and now knew, it had happened. She looked at me for a long time and said, “You know, now that you bring it up, I do not recall anyone else ever talking about it.” We talked about the event for the rest of our visit. Barbara told me she was going to look up that day to see if any others saw anything like we did.

Time went on and again I almost forgot about the blackout and that huge orb. One day Barbara called me. She told me she did research that day and had found out that many others also saw what he had. She discovered people had UFO sightings and saw strange lights along with many other odd events that day.

I have researched this event over the years since and have found Barbara was right. Many other people did see exactly what Barbara and I saw that day of November 9th 1965. I think it is obvious much more took place that day other then the blackout. It also fits into the area of people NOT wanting to know or understand these things due to fear and lack of knowledge of the unknown. I often wonder how long we will continue to let incredible events go on around us, yet over look them due to a massive shared fear.

The biggest question Barbara and I have about that day is why all the people around us including our families; did not recall that sighting?

I have placed this on my list of unknown events of my lifetime and just keep moving forward. I hope one day I can move this event over to the known and understood portion of my life experiences.

I do know that if I am in another large blackout I will stay with other people and keep watching the sky above.

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