Date: Early August, 1965

Dear Brian:

HBCC UFO Note: The lady who contacted and wrote this letter asked if I would pass it along to a girl who with her boyfriend, had a close encounter of a unusual craft. She just want to let his girl-friend know she should not be afraid to talk about what she saw. It took me 40 years to come to terms with what I saw and it's only because I have seen the same thing again just recently. I know what her fears are. Which is people will think her crazy or that she saw the devil, or the devil is after her.

They are not alone. I wrote this as a story from my childhood because I needed to remember that night just as it was and release the memory just as I lived it. Even now I still remember the accusing eyes and the whispers behind my back. I remember how so alone I was because I was a child and "Who believes anything a child's says." My recent sighting caused me to relive the memory. It feels like I have traveled back and time. I know I shouldn't be, but I am all depressed and haven't slept much since. But this gave me some measure of inner peace so I decided to share it with your UFO witness. God bless you all, because you truly have been blessed.

I remember I was almost 5, I remember standing under 3 feet tall on an old wooden porch in a time long past.

The early morning greeted me with the smell of farm animals and the sound of yard birds conversing amongst each other.

Breakfast was over and I was already receiving my daily dose of constant affection from Minnie our cat, who was held at bay by the useless barking from Ike the dog. I remember looking up at a corner of the porch and being mesmerized by the creation of a newly spawn gossamer spiders web which had just secured its first fly. I tried to hurry through my morning chores which consisted of me disturbing the fine dust that had settled on the front and back porch mats and step. The morning mist was just starting to rise even though the sun had not quite shown it's face yet. One half of the spiders web was covered with tiny drops of water, how glorious the morning dew looked dripping from the webs tiny threads, a sweet nectar for its creator to sip on, on a dry summer's day.

A row of old empty wooden and iron rocking chairs sat sentinel to the passing of time and gave a small measure of comfort to the many visitors we would have for the many late evening tell all's. Their sudden visits were the results of the smell of bitter coffee brewing and the lingering odor of a long finished supper. I often observed that only a slight breeze would start one or more of the chairs creaking and rocking, the sight of this would stop me from my ineffective sweeping. "Empty but occupied?"

The constant sound of the old rusty screen door swinging opening and then slamming shut was so disturbing that it would cause the old folk to start cursing and send the creatures roaming around the front yard scattering in all directions. I remember running across the still cool and damp dirt and gravel yard. Oh how the small pebbles in the yard would bite at my naked feet. Faster and faster I would push my thick awkward legs.

With the wind against my back and encouraging me to move faster, I would sometimes run so fast I felt as though I could fly, and I felt that if I really wanted to, all I had to do was leap forward and take flight.

The first really bright rays of the sun found me running through great fields of green and gold. How royal I felt as the tops of the corn would wave and bough at my arrival, they seem to cheer and applaud my approach. Their waves encouraged me to run faster, for under their canopy I would find many new imaginary adventures and hidden worlds that only would come into existence at my command. The better part of my adventures consisted of me darting in and out of the endless hallways of my imaginary castles or traveling down whinnying roads and weaving through mystical dark forest to enchanted lands.

Occasionally the skies of blue would turn dark gray and the wind would blow angrily at the tops of my kingdom. The sharp leaves of the corn would tap and scold me and send me running for the safety of the front porch once again. Evening found me often trying to find a special hidden place underneath the many chairs that now over crowded the once empty porch. A constant flow of who's who took their turns at making comments about my height and how fast I was growing as I served coffee or tea and cakes in a mix match variety of cups and saucers.

I sat for hours listening to the women folk talking about he, she, they and you know whom. When all was done my unspoken assignment was to make sure all eating and drinking utensils made their way back into the kitchen. On this particular night the sky stayed thick and heavy with rain and the old folk retired early. The mournful sound of the warm wind blowing in all directions and through every opening possible was a welcome relief from the hot sweaty summer heat that normally kelp the house buzzing until well after A.M. and the restless thirsty for the cool winds of fall.

After bathing I settled down on a pile of thick quilts and blankets which served as my bed and was neatly spread on the floor underneath the bedroom window and located between two twin beds which were reserved for my elder sisters. Actually I preferred the floor anyway, no one to take my covers while I slept and I shared many sleepless nights with Minnie and her kittens whom would have been instantly rejected by anyone in a bed.

This night the house seemed unusually murky and dark and the constant pouring of the rain muffled the sound of the old and young folk snoring. I love a rainy night. Images of glorious waterfalls, wild tropical paradise and forbidden jungle rain forest would fill my mind as I listened to the constant flow of water running from the roof and down along side the edges of the porch. Occasionally the whole room would be filled with an instant flash of bright white light from the lightening. The mirrors on the wall would reflect it and cause it to look even brighter. The sound of the thunder that followed was like a speeding train as it rumbled by and slowly moved off into the distance.

"Minnie, god is moving his furniture around in heaven to make room for more souls."

I remember how alive the night became right after the rain stopped. From out of nowhere frogs and crickets burst into song and I could hear the occasional soft low whistle of a night owl, I could also here the low mumbling of the chickens in their hiding places. Unable to sleep I sat up next to one of the beds and looked out of the window into the night. To my amazement I could see a flood of fireflies rising up from the direction of the cornfield, they blinked on an off like so many Christmas lights fallen off of a Christmas tree.

Just as my eyes became overly burden, something in the cornfield caught my attention. It was a perfectly blue, blue light dancing in the cornfield. This sight woke me up and all sleep left my body. I started to call out to my sisters sleeping in the bed on either side of me but my heart told me to remain silent. I came to my knees and moved closer to the window and tried to adjust my eyes. I wanted to make sure the vision before me wasn't just someone lost walking in the cornfield with a night lantern.

And once again the blue-blue light appeared and hovered above the now rains soaked corn and it seem to dance to the right and left then it slowly disappeared. I was overwhelmed with awe and curiosity and I could feel my heart in my chest racing in anticipation of the next sighting of the beautiful blue light. The light appeared again, but this time it was accompanied by another blue, blue light.

Strange that I felt no fear, in fact I was overjoyed to see a second blue light dancing in the field. I immediately turned and debated only for an instant on which bed should I shake first. I bounce from one bed to the other, speaking softly "wake up, wake up, there are fairies in the cornfield," but no one stirred. I shook their beds as hard as I could but the only answer I got was "Leave me alone!"

A loud disinterested grown came from both my sister's near lifeless sleeping corpses." For a moment my thoughts were that of I should awaken the whole house? But I also in that same instant had a memory of awakening my mother after having a nightmare was a complete disaster. I remember clearly making the promise of never waking her up in the middle of the night ever again. Other then for the screams of burglar and fire should I ever stir any of the old folk from sleep? The thoughts of frightening someone to death while arousing them brought sadness to me.

Frustrated with them all I returned to the window and I looked back out into the cornfield for my blue lights, and joy once again caused a rush of dizziness in my head. Childish questions ran from my lips, was it fairies and angels or were they leprechauns running about hiding their pots of gold in the dirt of the cornfield. I remember hearing stories of the old folk finding gold coins and old money while working the fields. The thoughts of my mother never having to work again caused me to crawl off of my bed of quilts and Minnie meowed out her disapproval to me as I quickly change from my PJ's to my next day play clothing. I quietly scroll past my mother's bed and out of the front door. I was careful not to make a sound while closing the door behind me and not letting the heavy screen door slam shut as I stepped out onto the porch.

My first steps past the threshold of the screen door seemed to cause the night to become eerily quiet and for the first time fear attacked my thoughts. Not the fear of the night but the fear of my mother hearing me walk across the creaking floor boards of the porch as I made my way to the steps. And creak they did, but the constant rhythm of her snoring never paused. I remember the gummy feeling of my first steps into the fresh mud of the front yard and how the pebbles that normally made my feet miserable were some how absent.

I slowly made my way to the cornfield. The gray clouds still ruled the moonless sky and oddly enough I could see clearly in the pitch-black darkness of the undergrowth of the tall corn stalks.

I knew my imaginary kingdom well. The warm night air and the complete quietness gave me comfort and banished all my fears for I knew the lack of quiet would alarm me of any danger. My eye's search for the blue lights in the green darkness and it for a few moments seemed useless. I tried seeing over the top of the corn but resigned to searching for them between the endless rows below. I ran as fast as the mud would allow me in the darkness. I ran until I was breathless and fell to my knees.

I sat in the cool mud trying to figure out in what direction I should head next, when a gentle white glow slowly began to radiate several yards from where I was sitting. My eyes became transfixed and I slowly made my way towards the glow that so mesmerized me. I watched the glow slowly build and then slowly rise up and out of sight and once again I found myself in complete darkness but I continued on in the direction in which I saw the last light. The distance only took a few seconds to traverse but it seemed as if minutes had gone by and again I sat down and waited. Each firefly I encountered seemed to give me hopes of magic and mystery. Once again the night creatures began to sing. I wondered if the renewed singing in the night meant that the blue lights were now gone completely and a feeling of sadness over took me, I remember thinking I was so close. After sitting still for about 30 minutes I felt tears whirling up inside me. "Come back please!" A gentle mist blew from my lips as I spoke. "Come back please!"

I sat still for a few minutes more and then convinced myself to turn back towards the house, but just as I stood up the night creatures again went completely quiet and just in front of me a bright spark of white light appeared on the ground. It was like a light bulb without glass as it floated up just a few inches above the ground and then began to pulsate. The light turned from white to yellow and red to green then blue. They went from bright blue to a deep blue and the blue was surrounded by a blue glow. As each color changed the ball of light got larger and larger and floated up to just above the corn.

I stood paralyzed and in awe. Just as the light reached the tops of the corn it stopped. I was waiting to see it dart off into the distance and start it's right to left dance, but it didn't. It seemed to know that I was looking at it and it slowly started to descend back towards the ground. I stepped forward and reached out for it. Just as I reached forward a sudden shock of electricity shook my body and I screamed. "OUCH!" I held my hand to my chest and I felt it go numb and I started to cry.

The blue light didn't disappear, I watched it with a lot more caution then I started out with and the fear of being shocked again kelp me from advancing.

I accusingly questioned it "why did you do that?" But there was no answer. I was so upset and confused.

What fear that came to me caused me to turn and run. I ran so hard that my legs ached and the cornfield seemed to have no end. And from the corner of my eye I could see that the blue light that had just immobilized my hand was following me. My legs finally gave out and I fell to my knees. I sensed the pending doom of the blue light approaching me. I sobbed out loud. I screamed "PLEASE DON'T HURT ME AGAIN!" But the light continued to approach me. I found the strength to get up once again and took flight. The corn stalks felt hard like cane poles hitting me as I ran past and over them. At one point I stopped running off of fear and onto hysteria and then the cornfield opened up. I felt a sudden pain in my foot and I felt myself become airborne for a split second. I felled face first into the mud. It seemed to have been a half of a foot thick where I was. I looked back behind me in hopes of not seeing my pursuer, and yes it was still coming, I began to cry again and I began to crawl.

I found myself crawling towards a huge petrified tree stump. I crawled on top of it and waited for my tormentor to arrive. I sat on my island stump crying out loud when all of a sudden the whole area in which I was sitting turned blue. There were blue balls of light every where; they slowly floated forwards towards me from out of the tall rows of corn into the opening where I was sitting. There were 4 then 6 and then maybe 8. The fear that caused me to run seemed to disappear and so did the numbing feeling in my hand.

The light danced around me in pairs or circles like square dancers in a strange dance without music. Two pairs went to the right, then they changed their partners then went to the left, then they pairs became groups of four, then groups of 6 and one large group of 8. I watch them separate and start their dance of 1 to 8 all over again.

I watched the dancing lights and felt all my fears disappear. I found myself asking them, were they fairies, but no answer was given. I reached out again to touch the beautiful blue on blue lights. This time there was no shock, only a warm weightless feeling that seemed to calm my heart and even though I was soaking wet and covered with mud I crawled on top of the huge tree stump that was perfectly flat and laid down on my side. My eyes became heavy and I felt as though I was on my thick pad of quilts and covered with a wonderful loving blanket. I continued to watch the blue lights dance. I felt completely safe now and I fought the closing of my eyes but it was a losing battle. The sleep that came to me was restful and dreamless but I felt myself floating as though I was lying on my back and floating on the ocean.

When I woke up again I found myself in one of my sister's beds. I could hear voices whispering. "Why don't they just wake her up, she was only sleep walking." When I finally decided to get out of bed I was greeted with a room full of piercing eyes that questioned me silently.

I found myself sitting at the breakfast table full of people with no plates and empty coffee cups. I had only seen these many people in the kitchen at the same time during one of our numerous funerals. My mother was standing over the stove tending a larger then normal for that time of the day pot of coffee. She turned and broke the silence of the room. "Young lady, you have slept right through your chores and you are only getting a small bowl of grits for breakfast today, because something you ate last night gave you nightmares enough to send you running around in the corn fields in your sleep. "She placed a spoon and a small bowl of hot grits, with a slice of white bread with jelly on it before me.

Before realizing what I was doing I looked up at her and said, "I wasn't running around in my sleep, I was chasing fairies. She turned and looked at me with dark accusing eyes. It was at that moment I noticed that my right wrist had a bandage wrapped around it.

Then I remember the pain I had felt from the shock I got from the blue light. But there wasn't any pain where the bandage was. I looked at the bandage and started to pull it a loose. My mother quickly said "don't take that off, you cut ,or some how burned your wrist while running around in your sleep last night, and if you take the bandage off it will get infected."

She then punished me with words and told me to go and get back in the bed.

I never ever spoke of what I truly saw in the corn fields that night until now. The memory never left me nor did the strange burn like scar on my wrist.

Which is in the shape of a triangle and looks more like someone cut a piece of skin from me then a burn, but then I have never asked a doctor what the scar may have been caused by.

Another word from me, at the age of sixteen I once again had another light sighting but I must admit that light wasn't the same as the one I saw in the corn field. But again, I have not long seen a blue light again. I often wonder what the lights are and why I seem to be in the right place at the right time to see them. What I do know is that we should not fear them because I am sure if they were dangerous they would have made themselves known to everyone now.

HBCC UFO Research Note: I also was sent the photos of the mark on the ladies right wrist. I won't be releasing the photos until I do have permission to do so. But I did want to make a point that I have them here.

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the lady for sending me her story.


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