The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 27, 2004

DATE: October 25, 2004


**Although many witnesses saw these bolides fall to Earth, their location has not been ascertained, much less their origin***

Several witnesses have added their voices to the statements made by councilman Rodrigo Garcia and the administrative secretary of the commune, Walter Nunez, who along with hundreds of persons who awaited the start of the Popular Loyalty Day celebrations last Sunday (October 17th - John @ UFOINFO), were treated to the sight of a luminous object falling to the ground near the city.

The phenomenon was seen from Rosario de la Frontera, a city located 30 km to the South. It occurred at 19:35 hours and caused a commotion.

"It was incredible, something truly out of the ordinary," emphasized a police officer who was on duty in the area and who requested confidentiality.

The eyewitnesses, who included Adrian Quiroga correspondent for the morning newspaper, El Tribuno, agreed that they first saw three large columns of smoke, similar to the wake of jet aircraft, and which gave the impression of a swift North to South movement. However, they suddenly changed their course by 90 degrees and plummeted vertically, with lights resembling flame reported next. The objects then seemed to disappear.

Witnesses speculated that a meteorite could have been involved, or else an alien spacecraft or space junk. They agreed that "if something fell, it was very near Rosario de la Frontera" although the majority rejected the likelihood of an impact against the earth, since no sound was heard.

Police units surveyed the area after the crash without any effect.

Sheriff Mario Paz, Chief of Regional Unit 3, stated that "no area office reported anything falling from the sky. Officially, we can say that nothing happened."

"They resembled three incandescent balls that fell, leaving behind a vast quantity of smoke. I'd never seen anything like it," said Walter Nuñez, administrative secretary of the Deliberative Body.

Victor Brazanovich, another witness, said that "whatever it was, it put forth a large amount of white smoke and at times it acquired a yellowish color like fire, as it fell swiftly."

Miguel Angel Fucho, who also observed the strange event, stated: "I managed to see contrails similar to those of a jet aircraft, but there was no continuity to their trajectory, because the object finally fell to earth."

It is worth noting that some weeks ago in Ushuaia, in the midst of Argentinean Patagonia, a strange phenomenon also occurred that startled local residents after having seen some fireballs with blue trails of light crossing the skies of Tierra del Fuego before falling in sectors adjacent to the Le Martial Glacier. The most startling thing occurred later, when a broad area of forest covering over 150 meters was found devastated by the force of something utterly unknown.

Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO.

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