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UFOs In Riolândia, São Paulo, Brazil: Second Partial Report On The Situation

[Note: Riolândia = Riverland]

On Friday, February 08th, I took a second trip to Riolândia, in the far Northwestern region of São Paulo State, by the banks of the Rio Grande, just between the States of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, where a wave of UFO events has been occurring since January 20th, as I explained on my first partial report, resulted from my first trip, on January 26th.

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It all started with the sighting of a huge UFO at the premises of Piapara Inn, at 3 am, January 20th, followed by a mysterious crushing of plants on a nearby sugar cane plantation. A UFO is believed to have been involved in this phenomenon. Facts involving UFOs are still being reported in the town of Riolândia, increasingly so day after day. This time I spent two days in that town and heard the testimony of witnesses who saw the luminous phenomena, which suddenly began to happen in broad daylight, as well. I took many snapshots of people who were involved in the incident and could sense the state of real commotion in the city.

Even though I believe I am a rather experienced UFO researcher, with over 30 years of activity in Ufology, I feel increasingly amazed by what is happening in Riolândia, and I must admit that very seldom have I seen such an intense, long-lasting and legitimate UFO commotion. The phenomena that have been occurring there affect people from all walks of life, some of whom are highly respected in the city.

Here follows a brief updating on the Riolândia Situation so that you can be generally aware of it:

1. In the evening immediately after the January 20th sighting, on several occasions, witnesses from all walks of life, alerted by the situation at Piapara Inn, have been spending hours scanning the skies in Riolândia and the area around it. Many of them have seen near- and far-off luminous phenomena, almost always spherical and predominantly of an intense blue to red color. The Inn dwellers are the ones who have witnessed the greater number of mysterious lights, and the proprietor's family, fearful of what is happening, is actually considering abandoning their business and moving away.

2. A very amazing incident occurred on the night of February 06-07th, when a light, at first in the distance, and then suddenly closer performed sinuous moves above a sugar cane plantation nearby the city. The phenomenon was captured on film and witnessed by over a dozen people in different places both in the urban area and in the countryside. One of those witnesses was a high school teacher, Ms Ruth Probio and her family, among whom her son Pedro Henrique, 10, who has filmed the phenomenon. The light was visible from late dawn till 8 am, February 07th.

3. Less than 24 hours later, on the night of February 07-08th, another astonishing apparition was seen at Piapara Inn, where it all began. This is the most spectacular incident reported there, and it involved once again the owner of the Inn, Maurício Pereira da Silva, and his brother Antonio Pereira da Silva. They were both night-watching on the southern side of the premises, as they'd been doing since the January 20th encounter, when they saw a real light show. Three huge disk-shaped objects were seen approaching them, flying in formation. Then three more objects joined them, though they were sphere-shaped and smaller. This phenomenon lasted over an hour, during which time five of the objects (the 3 disk-shaped ones and 2 of the spherical lights) came down close to the nearby sugar cane plantation (not the same one that had been affected on January 20th) and appeared to be "scanning the whole area, in search of something", according to Maurício. The two brothers' family went into a panic, and the phenomenon caused great distress in the city.

4. All day long, on Friday, February 08th, several ufologists, experts, journalists and curiosity-seekers kept coming in with their equipment to the Inn, to investigate the incident and do some night-watching. These include attorney Gener Silva, engineer Jorge Nery, both consultants for Brazilian UFO Magazine, and other members of the Instituto de Astronomia e Pesquisas Espaciais (Inape) (Institute for Astronomy and Space Research), from Araçatuba (SP). Also present on the same occasion were the electronic technician Cristian Dionízio de Oliveira, job security technician Sivaldo Daniel Pereira, both UFO researchers from Valentim Gentil (SP). This editor came in just in time, after a some 500 miles trip, along with information technology and support expert for Brazilian UFO Magazine Ismael Vieira and two students, Michel and Thiago Vieira. On that very same day, we stood on night-watch from 9 pm till 4:30 am, when a professional cameraman was able to record and film a luminous phenomenon that moved about for several minutes over the area. Its origins could not have been ascribed to natural causes. They all testified to the incident to Brazilian UFO Magazine. Next morning, ufologists Paulo Poian and Robert Beck, both consultants for Brazilian UFO Magazine, and Herbert Bruggemann (he and Beck being members of the Entidade Brasileira de Estudos Extraterrestres (EBE-ET) (Brazilian Center for Extraterrestrial Studies), from Brasília, arrived for some more night-watching (see below).

5. Simultaneously to the phenomenon seen at the Inn, on the night of February 8th, more than 7 miles away from that place, on a dirt road closer to town, dozens of people were gathered together and saw another astoundingly bright light flying over a sugar cane plantation. This phenomenon was also captured on film by Paulo Henrique, Ms Ruth Probio's son, who was handling the family camera. The city folks began to exchange information the night before and would summon each other so they could all get together on the site and see the light, as the night view of the sky at the specific spot is magnificent. This collective sighting was astounding and it occurred almost at the very same time as the previous phenomenon, recorded during night-watching at the inn (above). If the city were still torn between mixed feelings as to the nature of the UFO phenomena that had been occurring there, that sighting, witnessed by people from different segments in the municipality, put an end to all doubts. Nothing is more discussed nowadays in Riolândia than this, and the number of witnesses keeps growing each day.

6. On the night of February 09-10th, a new group of people gathered for night-watching at Piapara Inn, made up of city folks, curiosity-seekers and some of the participants from the previous night-watch. Only two people, however, stayed to watch the skies beyond 4 am, Brazilian UFO Magazine consultant Paulo Poian and student Thiago Vieira. At 5:05 am, they saw another luminous phenomenon over the very same sugar cane plantation, south of the Inn, where the six objects had appeared, previously. Only this time the encounter was somewhat closer, less than 200 m from the witnesses. A spherical and intensely bright object came down to the vegetation and remained there awhile, in spite of the falling rain. This editor left the Inn to drive back to Campo Grande (MS) at 6 am and, as I drove by Riolândia, about 9 miles away, I collected reports from several town dwellers who claimed that, in spite of the rain, new sightings occurred that night in the city's urban area.

7. All day long, on Sunday, February 10th, UFO incidents were reported as having occurred the previous night in the town of Valentim Gentil, about 45 miles from Riolândia. The aforementioned UFO researchers Cristian Dionízio de Oliveira and Sivaldo Daniel Pereira (the latter a witness of several encounters himself) are currently collecting information that will eventually be sent to Brazilian UFO Magazine and claim that there is a great number of witnesses also in that area. The same thing has occurred in the towns of Fernandópolis and Votuporanga, neighboring cities to Valentim Gentil, alongside Route SP-320 and about 15 miles apart from each other. Fernandópolis and Votuporanga are about 45 to 60 miles away from Riolândia, and have also had their share of luminous phenomena recorded, whose characteristics are yet to be studied.

8. Still on the same Sunday (10th), in the afternoon, an attendant working for the only service station in the small city saw in the sky a metallic object with lights, right in front of his house. Fernando Alves de Souza was accompanied by his wife, kids and in-laws when they all saw, in broad daylight, at 4 pm, two smaller luminous spheres being expelled from the larger object. The larger and the smaller objects began to fly in unison, following an unknown route. The incident is being investigated by ufologist Roberto Beck, special consultant for Brazilian UFO Magazine, who is staying in the city, waiting for the next developments. The service station attendant called several citizens of Riolândia so they too would see the phenomenon, which considerably increased the number of witnesses.

9. Still on the night of February 10th, Sunday, Mr. Ibrantino José Ribeiro, his grandson Augusto Ribeiro da Silva, only 13, and a woman were driving back to town, from Piapara Inn, when they saw two phenomena. As soon as they had driven out of the Inn, heading for Riolândia, and took the short unpaved road, Augusto called everyone's attention to a luminous white object that was flying above the sugar cane plantation. The boy was nearly begging his grandfather to not stop the car, because he was frightened, and they drove on. When they were closer to town, about 6 miles ahead, they saw the phenomenon again, but this time it was an intense red light, cutting across the road. UFO researcher Beck is interviewing new witnesses in the town, including a group of people who claim that there is a place in Riolândia where you can see those objects in broad daylight, everyday, between 3 and 5 pm.

10. As can be seen, the Riolândia UFO incidents increase in number and intensity every day. Amidst this commotion, Brazilian UFO Magazine has been compiling expressive numbers. We have been informed of at least 6 individual filmings of luminous phenomena, carried out by different people, two of which are within our archives already. We have nearly 30 witnesses that have been contacted and interviewed, besides an estimated number from 300 to 400 witnesses in every city that has been affected, and many more are still being contacted. We have assembled a great amount of reports and a lot of material for publication. We are going to have a lot of work to do, getting all pieces together, but the above-mentioned ufologists and a few others are helping up with their data, turning this into a major operation in UFO research, of a phenomenon that is still going on.

As a final note, we would like to report that the authorities in some of those cities in northwestern São Paulo State are really concerned with the situation, especially the mayor of Riolândia, to the point of requesting the presence of UFO researches in the area. This has never been seen to happen before. Brazilian UFO Magazine, through its members, is playing its role, talking to people, interviewing witnesses, going and checking places, examining evidence and consulting with experts from different fields of study, so as to be able to rule out the possibility that the recorded phenomena are natural.

A. J. Gevaerd,
Editor of Brazilian UFO Magazine

Translation by Marcos Malvezzi Leal, from The Brazilian UFO Magazine team

[UFOINFO thanks A. J. Gevaerd and Brazilian UFO Magazine for sending this report]