More Possible Abductions In Canada

Nose Bleeds, Scoop Marks & Vivid Dreams

Location: A "Days" Drive From Kelowna, British Columbia

The actual location I have not given in this report.

Date: September 3, 2003
Time: approx: 2:30 a.m.

Hi Brian

I wanted to thank you once again for the conversation last week. It is good to have someone listen to what you have to tell them and actually EMPATHISE. Thankyou and BRAVO!! Anyway I promised you a small report that would include the dream I had so here goes.

Wednesday night last week (3rd September, 2003) in the wee small hours, I think around 2.30 am, my 12 year old son woke my husband and myself telling us he had a nosebleed. He gets a night time nosebleed once a year or so, so we didn't think too much about it. The bleed was not a heavy bleed, but rather a persistent trickle. He then came into our bed with us and I went to sleep very rapidly (which is unusual for me) and went immediately into an extremely vivid, lucid dream.

In the dream my son and I were outside of a house and we ran to other side to see a UFO in the sky. The UFO was not lit, but rather a dark shadow in the night sky, huge (think 100 story building) and in two parts that were connected. We 'knew' this was something to be afraid of (note that I have never had a fear of UFOs) and hid in the deep shadows of the house as the UFO came down with very little noise and transformed itself into a vast robot which started walking across the countryside. Again we 'knew' this had something to do with power, as in electrical power and that we would be forced to use some power we didn't want to use. In fact we 'knew' that if we used the power they were bringing it would be a trick ultimately used to imprison us. We ran inside the house and there the phone was ringing and we 'knew' it was the power company calling us to force us to use this new power.

For this reason we didn't answer the phone. There was a glassed in room in the house which had a number of people seated in it. These people were important to me, although they are not people I know in my life, and I ran into the room to warn them of what we had seen. One of the people was a brown haired girl of about 20 whom I recognized as my daughter (I have a daughter in real life, but this was not her). She also recognized me as her mother. She was crying, although I am not sure why. What was remarkable about her was that she was half human and half 'robotic'. At one point I could see some of the skin on her back and you could see that the skin was living tissue stretched over a metallic frame. The skin was red and sore like burn scar tissue.

She was also pregnant and made a comment to me about how she had been to 'animal control' (this is not the exact phrase she used, but I clearly recall it was like she had been to a vet rather than a human doctor) where she had been impregnated. The father of her child was also there, another predominantly robotic person who looked like a human face had been grafted on. He was a sympathetic figure and he understood what I was telling him. There were others in the room who were similar but I did not have a chance to speak to them. The dream goes blank for a bit and then we are in the same place but now I can see that there is a neighborhood outside. There is a huge wind blowing up and I 'know' this is about Earth changes. but I 'know' even more than that. I 'know' that after the Earth changes the alien beings will come for us and it will be terrible. The power company had set up a steel building that looked like the only thing that could withstand the wind. Everyone crowded inside and I 'knew' that this was a trap.

A cage we couldn't get out of afterwards. I pointed out to the father of my daughters baby that the heavy stainless steel doors only opened from the outside, and that if we let them go we would all be imprisoned. Between us we managed to keep the door from closing. The Earth changes were nowhere near as severe as everyone had expected and parts of the street were still standing. People were handling this very well because the collapse of society meant they were freed from economic slavery and they were beginning to share and create a barter community soon into the aftermath. But as I watched them I was filled with foreboding that the aliens would soon be here and that there would be carnage and slavery. This was a very bleak dream. I awoke because my own nose was bleeding. It was just before 6am and I had been dreaming this dream since I fell asleep. I have never, in all of my life, awoken to a nose bleed. I got straight out of bed and discovered that I was sore all over, like I had been in a big fight for hours.

Stiff arms and legs and total physical exhaustion. My nose for the next 24 hours, on the side that was bleeding, was swollen and hot internally, consistent with some kind of trauma. For over three days I suffered with the same kind of pain as you would have from a root canal, except this pain was in my nose, going up into my brow bone. Even today, almost a week later, my nose and face are too sensitive to touch. The swelling went down after a day or so. On Saturday morning, (the morning of the 9th September, 2003), my 13 year old daughter awoke just before sunup also with a nosebleed. She also has never woken up with a nosebleed in her life. You will recall I spoke to you on Friday so this had not yet happened. My son complained of similar pain in his brow, but I did not want to make a very big deal out of the event as he is very sensitive. My daughter was quite concerned about the nosebleeds as she found the pattern bizarre and very noticeable. I have ruled out any kind of influenza as we have all been quite healthy (touch wood). The air in our home is not dry as we had a brand new humidifier installed a couple of months back and the air is not yet cold enough here in (deleted by HBCC UFO) to become that dry.

Cheers and thanks again.


I just wanted to follow up on the report I sent you a few weeks back in which I recounted for you how both myself and my son woke up on the same night with nosebleeds, followed by my daughter the following night. I was just listening to an interesting UFO story on Jeff Rense when somebody mentioned scoop marks, which I assumed was a phenomenon I had no link to, when I SUDDENLY remembered that I have, for years had an odd indentation in the back of my left knee. Because of its position I have never really looked at it (it would take quite a contortion act), but it has bothered me on and off for years with mild soreness and occasional bouts of severe itchiness. So I did what i could to see the mark itself, and sure enough it is a perfectly circular scoop-shaped gouge almost a quarter of an inch across and about the same depth right in behind my knee. It is such a perfect circle that it certainly seems to be the result of some kind of tool or instrument, yet I have never had any surgery around my knees, nor have I had ANY doctor even examine them. This is very odd. I cannot recount when this originally occurred, but it is years and years.

I did just want to mention ANOTHER strange thing to you. It seems like I am just suddenly remembering things! This evening my husband called me into the bedroom to look at a couple of very large deep scratches he has. One on his right leg, the other on his left arm. He was trying to work out how on earth he got them. He says he noticed them quite some days ago but keeps forgetting to tell me. Now these are deep scratches, but well on the way to healing, probably at least a week old. The one on the leg is about six inches long and the one on his forearm about four inches long. Because they are so deep it is remarkable that he has no memory of them occurring. They must have really hurt when they happened. He said he woke up one morning and they were just there and then he forgot about them.

While i was looking at these scratches I suddenly remembered that I had had some strange marks on my pajama shirt from the night of my nosebleed. Now I don't know if I mentioned them to you on the phone or in my email. You know it is so strange, I just FORGOT. And yet they are really strange marks, and at the time, before I had a chance to forget, I had put the short in a safe place where it wouldn't accidentally get washed. So I checked it out and they are still there. The marks are about 3 and 4 inches long, one or two on the sleeves and one or two on the body of the shirt, one right up at the front of my shoulder, and they look like a straight edge or a needle with a watery bloody substance on it has rested there briefly. I tried to work out how such a mark might occur as it is perfectly straight and clean on one side and the reddish brown kind of seeping of on the other side in a watery manner. Now I realize this may not be anything.

Could be jello stains for all I know. All I can tell you is that I have never seen these stains before the morning of the nosebleed incident (they are definitely not nosebleed marks). This is my favorite pair of white satin pajamas so I am pretty sure I would have noticed them if they had been there before. Now I will try in the near future to get you a picture of both the scoop mark behind my knee and the strange marks on my pajamas, but my digital camera cord has gone missing and because it is a SONY, I have to buy one from Sony, so it might take a bit of time to get one. I wanted to add that when I was looking at the scratch marks on my husband I also notices a scar on the outside of his right ankle that I had never noticed before in our 15 years together. It is a completely healed almost perfectly round scar the size of a nickel. He has no idea where he got that either, although he is one who can usually give you a half hour running commentary on every scar on his body! Very odd.

Something else odd. Almost four and half years ago my husband was diagnosed as a diabetic, bad enough for a number of daily medications and threatened regularly by the doctor with the need for insulin, which he has resisted. Last week he went for a blood test on Tuesday and on Thursday morning in the doctor's office the doctor says to him that looking at his new blood test he isn't diabetic anymore! The doctor was quite amazed and dramatically reduced his medications pending another test in a month or so. I don't know if this has anything to do with what we have experienced, but it is certainly strange and unexpected. And without explanation.

I am keeping in contact with this lady to see what if anything unusual comes up. I did speak with her on the telephone at length. She is a bright and very intelligent woman who seems to have a mystery on her hands.

I would like to thank her very much for allowing me to post her letters to me. She and I hope this will help in a small way to have others come forward to talk about their possible experiences.

I also should mention, I have been contacted by another woman who resides some miles away from the lady in this report. The interesting thing is that this new case has similar features in her story, the exception is that with her the event has been taking place for approx: 40 years.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

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