Caboolture, Queensland, Australia - A Loud Sound Is Heard From Above

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Location: Caboolture, Queensland, Australia

Date: 7.45pm Saturday 22/7/06

Approach Direction: From straight above Departure Direction: From straight above - outside room for a few seconds - waited and then went in a northly direction Witness Direction: west

Description: Dear researchers,

My name is [deleted], I am 16 years of age and I am very concerned and worried about what happened to my parents and I at 7:45 tonight (22/07/06). During that time I was sitting in my room with my mum testing my new straightener. After my mum left my room to talk to my dad about their fish tank I was hearing a loud hovering sound near or above my room getting louder and louder as the sound was staying. At first I thought it might have been a plane flying over us. However the sound came too sudden for that to happen.

I couldn't stand the sound much longer due to the fact I thought it was right out my window. I screamed out to my mum saying that there was something outside my window; she ran to my room as quickly as possible (she was hearing the noise as well) she opened my window and saw nothing. But we could hear a faint version of the noise that I heard still outside my window. My dad ran downstairs to see if there was anything in the back yard and looked up, but nothing was in sight as well as the sound.

The thing that concerns me most is that my family heard it clearly and can't make any sense of it at all. We checked our next door neighbours to see if they saw or heard anything but only one of them heard some sort of noise. This only lasted for 20-30 seconds, sounding like a spinning/whirring object hovering over my room or outside my window, moving up and down to see something in our house (this is what it sounded like). Please reply back. I would like a scientific explanation because I am very worried and scared as I have never experienced this before.

Color/Shape: Unknown

Height & Speed: Came in from nowhere - hovered for a while and then took about five seconds to go away and not hear anyting more

TV/Radio/Press: N/A


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