Calgary, Alberta - Did A UFO Cause A Power Outage?

Report from Brian Vike

Date: February 2001
Time: evening

I received a telephone call from a woman who resides in Calgary, Alberta. The family has a very good view of the city of Calgary. One evening the family watched a craft over top of Calgary back in 2001. They reported observing an object for approximately two hours. The lady told me the family got a new telescope for Christmas and this evening in February was the first time they really tried it out. It was cold outside so they set the telescope up indoors and viewed the skies from the comfort of their home looking through one of their large living room windows. The lights were turned off as they did not want to have their view obscured.

The family noticed a bright object high in the sky and first thought it may have been the planet Venus. So they turned the telescope slightly to have a peek at it. (At this point I should tell you that the weather conditions were good and the skies clear and the temperature down to about minus 29).

As they lined up the telescope using the view finder and then looked through the scope they were surprised to see an object which was shrouded in clouds. There were no other clouds visible in the sky that they noticed. The object that was witnessed had an elliptical shape to it. One end of it was poking out of the cloud cover and they were surprised to see windows on the craft. She said she could clearly see through the telescope that the object had windows which ran down along its side.

The lady said it looked as if whatever this was, was trying to impersonate a star. The object would move around the sky very slowly and if anyone on the ground would have seen it, they may have just thought it to be a star or planet. She said it was very high up in altitude. After taking roughly a five minute break from looking through their telescope she came back and now viewed two bright objects. One was stationary over top of the other and offset by half the length of one of the crafts. Both objects still wrapped in a cloud cover and she saw a long tube which was connecting the two objects at roughly a forty five degree angle. The woman said it was a beautiful, cylindrical shaped tube wrapped in cloud. Also it was reported that the cloud cover stuck very close to the shape of the objects and not spread out across the sky.

It was the bottom object, or the end which was sticking out of the cloud cover that she could see had windows, which were the same shape of the objects or roundish. When the objects moved directly overhead of Calgary all of the electricity went out. When the objects moved to the outskirts of the city the power came back on and eventually the crafts moved out of sight. The lady said it was a very exciting night and one they would never forget.

I made an enquiry to see if there was a power outage in the early New Year of 2001. I was told there was an electrical disruption in February of 2001.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]

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