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Lumby, British Columbia Cattle Mutilation Investigation Case

I have just started to make the telephone calls on this case as of December 10, 2001 and will be adding more updats as the days progress. My first call today, December 10, 2001 was to a Brent Smith from the Vernon, B.C. Conservation office.Below is the conversation I had about the possible causes of this cow mutilation in Lumby, British Columbia.

Calf Mute in Lumby, British Columbia, Canada. This took place in 1999

Conversation With Conservation Officer By Way of Telephone

I phoned a conservation officer in Vernon, British Columbia this morning and left a message on his answering machine to request he call me back as I was looking for any help (information) on a cattle mutilation which took place in Lumby, British Columbia, Canada. I didn't have any information on this case such as date, time, etc.... He phoned me back about a half hour later and we had a informative talk.

I asked if he had any information dealing with this calf mute in the Lumby area. He told me he had none at all as their field is dealing pretty much with wild animals. But he was kind enough to set me up with the information in which I needed to contact the rancher to discuss the calf mute. The conservation officer also told me this mutilation took place approximately 2 years ago.

The officer was kind enough to fill me in on some of the ways in which a wild animal can do this to a dead carcass. Below is our conversation.

I mentioned to Brent that I had received his name from the RCMP when investigating the Falkland "Mutilated Cow" report. I explained who I was, and that I was trying to investigate and gather information on the cattle mute which took place in his area.

After filling Brent in on how I came about acquiring his name, and a little about the case in the Falkland area I asked him if he possibly had a case file on this mute. He said no, and then told me that this mutilation report took place about 2 years ago and went on to inform me that this type of report (case) was not for their department and basically was not classed as wildlife.

Brent's comments to me were the ranchers found a cut up calf and did not have any ideas on what had taken place, they thought the mutilation was done by a cougar. But from the description the ranchers gave to the conservation officer it seemed that this was done by a knife which didn't make any sense to the him.

Brent asked me what was the nature of the mute down in the Falkland area. Did it have knife cuts on the animal ? I told him that the RCMP Constable, when he observed the dead animal, said that it looked as if a knife or fine instrument had made all the cuts. I also told him that in the Falkland case after an inspection of the dead animal, there was "no" blood remaining in the animal, no blood found around the scene whatsoever, also I was told there was a rectal core had been taken from the animal. The udder was removed, and sexual organs were also missing.

After giving Brent the information as to the shape of the dead animal he mentioned that it was not uncommon as coyotes will eat the udder off. Not only that, it looks as if the coyotes peeled it, or stripped it and a lot of times they will eat a hole into the back end of the dead animal as that is where they start to feed. He also mentioned that the damage at the back end could be done by turkey vultures as they are known to do this as well to the cavity. Brent said he wouldn't be surprised if that was predation.

Brent went on again to mention that the mutilation in Lumby had knife cuts on the animal and the organs, udder, whatever were also taken. We then chatted about different types of ideas as to what may cause these events, other than wild animals such as a possible cult or someone out to cause problems for others.

I mentioned a case from the United States which recently happened where the organs were removed and there was no blood left in the animal. Not to mention no trace of blood at the area where this cow was found.

Brent brought up some good points on the loss of blood for a mutilated animal. He said that a cougar will kill to the base of an animals head. He also mentioned that with a smaller animal such as a sheep or goat the cougar will basically eat the ears and open up the throat and drink the blood out of the animal. He said this can be common with cougars.

Brent also added that farmers/ranchers have phoned to report that their sheep were cut open and left on the ground. Brent went on to tell me that when he went out to look into this report it turned out to be the work of a cougar. He tells me the cougars use their teeth like snips and peel back the hide with their incisors which looks as though this has been done with a knife. Basically they will cut a hatch into the ribs and it appears as if a set of shears have done it. Peel the hide back and it seems like its done with a knife and that way they get at the organs better. A little port hole in the side and eat all the heart and lungs and get all the good parts. !!!

I still have to talk to the ranch owners on this matter and get their version of the occurrence. This case is still unsolved but investigations are still in progress. I am inclined to think it was a wild animal but probably will go down as an unsolved case. More to come on this matter......

Please drop back for witnesses updates.

Also as I try to gather the facts on such cases, I like to add all all the ideas of what could have happened to one of these animals.

UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.