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Sightings & Experiences In British Columbia

Received: May 3, 2004

Date: Various
Time: Various
Location of Sighting: Various
Number of witnesses: 1-8
Number of objects: 2-15
Shape of objects: Round.

Full Description of event/sighting: I grew up in Maple Ridge. At ten, I dreamed of finding myself walking from a wooded area into a small community, which I later recognized as Alice Lake, near Whistler, when I became an adult. Before reaching it, I found myself looking out of a large window, down onto where I'd been. I was told many things, by telepathy, about my coming role as a human recorder, by tall white haired people. They turned me over to small humanoid people with huge eyes, the technicians, whose minds were so alien, like bugs, I became terrified and passed out. Later after midnight we were awakened by many large military choppers shining their lights into our neighborhood, like they were looking for something. Everyone came out to watch. I've had a lump on the area of my medulla oblongata (my neck) since then.

At around 2:00 a.m., after a school dance, at 16, I was the last left waiting for my parents to pick me up. While waiting, I saw two red balls of light in the east, which I'd thought were stars, begin to move in different directions at great speeds, turning sharp angles. One found a new position slightly in front, at high noon. The other hovered then lowered out of sight behind trees directly west of me.

When returning from a walk with a friend at 30, in Deep Cove, Vancouver, we paused in a grove of trees in a very populated neighborhood. We paused because shimmering ovals, around 3 feet in length, and in red, blue, green and yellow, were spinning around us. My friend confirmed what I was seeing. They traveled ccw on the horizontal, then changed to cw on the vertical, with us as the center point. When vertical, they had to pass under us. They reduced in size to about the size of a pea, then, except for one blue one, shrank to disappear. The blue one followed us to our door. Since then, I've noticed these tiny lights around some people.

When camping with about 8 friends on a river in Port Renfrew, at 35, after the kids were in bed, we all sat around a low fire, to gaze at the stars, which were very numerous. We all started to notice that besides a few airplanes and a couple satellites, that there was a lot of other traffic which flew in sharp angles at speeds faster than the planes or satellites. They looked like bright red balls, which could have been the ships' lighting.

I consider it important that my son described and was terrified of monsters visiting him at night, and now, at 9 years old, is still terrified when images of big-eyed aliens show up on TV. He runs crying whenever the movie ET is advertised on TV.

I have found overnight puncture marks on myself and my children, which gradually fade away. My daughter (2) has one black scar between her lumbar vertebrae, I've found two red puncture marks on my neck and on my leg. The leg punctures ended up getting really swollen, itchy and infected, creating a bruise the whole thickness and length of my thigh. My children and I have each woken up, sometimes at the same time, with fearful feelings that there is something in the house, that something keeps returning. I've been awoken with light filling an area of a room, or outside my window, where none should be. I've had a dream of tall flimsy aliens (again in primary colors) on another planet with two or three suns or visible moons, of another planet like an unpopulated forested earth, of other furry dark aliens handling my son as a baby.

I also had a drowning, out-of-body experience where I saw excorporate beings working with relatively unconscious corporate beings on earth, and on several other worlds.

When viewing videos of the balls of light over crop circles, I recognized them as being very similar to the balls of light that I'd seen.

Most of my experiences predate any viewings of the now popular TV aliens, which suspiciously seems like disinformation. The meaning of my dreams seems to be that these aliens have been and still are involved in some kind of evolution or stepping stone of our species.

In trying to research UFOs (like project bluebook) during childhood, I became aware of the skepticism and ridicule faced by witnesses. So I've never reported any of these incidences, though it seems like every second person I meet has had similar experiences. Because I'm a year away from a Ph.D. in Education, I won't jeopardize my position by sharing my story, by name. I'll just keep watching and try and figure out what's really happening.

Thank you to the person for sending the report along to me.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)

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