Cattle Mutilations in Misiones Argentina

Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales

SOURCE: Misiones On Line
DATE: November 15, 2002

by Raul Romero

A veterinarian stated that there were several mutilation cases in the province's southern reaches. Julio Frette was the only professional who presented a report on an event which occurred in the month of August in Concepcion de la Sierra. "There were four more cases that were never made known," he remarked. He added that they were not reported due to the ignorance of the parties who made the discovery, and that the mystery has not yet been solved.

Background: Frette remarked that cattle mutilations have been recorded in the US for the past 30 years.

...the central offices of SENASA closed all cases in the country, attributing the mutilations to a mouse of the Oxymycterus genus, known as the "red-muzzled mouse." Three months after the mysterious discovery of a mutilated cow in the vicinity of Concepcion de la Sierra, Veterinarian Julio Frette stated that in fact four similar cases had been recorded in the province's southern reaches, and which were not made known.

The veterinarian, a resident of the aforementioned community, was the only one to present a detailed report to the National Health and Agroalimentary Quality Service (SENASA).

Frette explained that he did not witness the other findings, but that the events were known to local residents. "At [the town of] Apostoles, in the Las Tunas wilderness, a producer found a mutilated animal and set it on fire," he remarked. .

The veterinarian explained that in the light of these events, two conditions must arise for investigation to take place: that the cattleman be aware that he is facing an irregular event and that there should be a professional willing to visit the site.

The case which became public was the one in which Frette participated and occurred on August 8, 2002. On that day, a zebu hybrid cow was found dead with strange injuries at lot 245 of the Concepcion neighborhood, in a small farm only a few meters from the city limits.

The animal, which was about to give birth, had disappeared 4 days earlier and according to the report, suffered the mutilation of several internal organs. "The absence of the muscles of the left side of the jaw is evident, leaving the maxillary bare of all tissue. Absence of larynx, pharynx and upper portion of the esophagus and trachea. Absence of ocular orb and left ear. Tongue was not found but the hyloides bone was present and perfectly desiccated. Absence of mammary gland; the abdominal cavity presented an opening corresponding to the region and the calf that was soon to be born could not be found. Absence of the rectum and large intestine, genitals, with the dexterity of how said organs were extracted being a standout," says the report.

What drew the attention of those who saw the carcass--as in other cases--was that the incisions were perfectly cauterized. "An incision measuring approximately 20 cm was made in the region of the brisket, showing red tissue as though it had been dead for only hours, and within approximately 10 minutes, those present attested that the tissue rapidly acquired an almost shiny black coloration."

Witnesses to the event aside from the veterinarian were the owner of lot 254, Emilio Fernandez, cattle rancher Osvaldo Kreclevich (the animal's owner) and police officers from the local sheriff's office. The delegation returned on the 9th, 12th, 17th and 19th of said month. During the last visit, the carcass gave off such an intense odor that it was noticeable 70 meters away, says the report. No signs of a struggle or self- defense by the animal were noticed at the site. The pasture field was overgrown with an abundance of horsebrush (esparto grass), but the area where the carcass was found was clean and scorched. Although no new cases were recorded, these elements led Frette to believe that the mystery is still unsolved.

Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Special thanks to Liliana Nunez O. and Guillermo Gimenez

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