More Mutilated Cattle In La Pampa Argentina

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales

Source: El Diario de la Pampa -
Date: Thursday, July 24, 2003


General Acha (Agencia) - On Wednesday, July 16, three calves and a cow were found mutilated in fields adjacent to this city. "Until one sees it, or it happens to [ones animals], one doesn't believe it," said a cattleman whose property is located some 30 kilometers from Genera Acha and who asked El Diario to keep his identity confidential.

The cattleman said than on July 16, "two calves and a 'masked' calf, weighing some 200 kg. each, were found mutilated some 500 meters away from his house in a flat open field. The males were missing an eye, an ear and their tongues, while the female was had its nipples sheared off with surgical precision," he noted, betraying his surprise when he said "when we found them, they were still issuing some sort of smoke or vapor from their carcasses, as though recently dead."

"All of the animals had their heads pointed southward," he pointed out, noting that "he was certain that the animals had been alive the previous evening." "We did not dare get close to them or touch them, but on the fourth day, no animal, predador, fox or chimango (vulture) came close," he said. Finally, the confused cattleman said: "We plucked up our courage, got them together and burned them."

Another cattleman who told a similar story explained that that very same Wednesday, "a very docile cow that was near the house vanished, and was later found two secions away from where it normally grazed."

The livestock farmer explained that "these are 200 hectare pastures" and that the mutilations on the cow were similar to those which have been reported on so many occasions. He added that in this case, "the cow was very docile and would have never jumped over the barbed wire fences that divide the three sections, because the gates were properly closed and no fence was broken." In both cases, livestock farmers indicated that they did not file reports with the police or with the courts, since they understood that such complaints would not be taken seriously.

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Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi

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