Possible cattle mutilation at Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Report from Brian Vike

Burns Lake, British Columbia

Received: February 11, 2004

Date: April 2003
Time: Early morning

I reported that in April (2003) a "possible" cattle mute had taken place in Burns Lake, British Columbia. I did attempt to contact the witnesses who owned the animal to gather the information on this case. I was unsuccessful in my attempts of receiving a return call. But today the owners of the animal called my toll free number after reading an article on me in a newspaper.

The lady who called said she wanted to tell me about something peculiar that took place on their farm outside of Burns Lake, British Columbia. Last year (April 2003) in the calving season one of the ranchers cows gave birth during the late hours. Morning arrived and the farmer went out to do his daily rounds feeding and checking on his animals when he came across a dead calf. It was a young bull calf and the lady I talked with said the animals testicles had been cut anyway, she went on to say the area which was removed was not ripped, or appeared to be gnawed at by any other animals. The witness said it was a precision cut, like a surgical scalpel cut. There were no jagged edges and the cut was reported to be a clean smooth cut.

The lady said it was just bizarre and they did not tell anyone about what happened.

The calf was found laying dead out in the field, there was no sign that any kind of struggle had taken place. When the ladies husband had found the dead calf he looked the area over to see if he might find any signs that a predator had been there, nothing was found. Also at that time the farmer had not noticed the that the calves testicles had been removed until he turned it over and was surprised to view the animal in this shape.

There was no blood seen around the area where the calf was laying, no blood was noticed anywhere. There were no hair found on the ground from this animal or any other, also there was no scratches or claw markings on the calf which may indicate that a wild animal may have brought it down.

A picture is being located and sent to me if found.

The woman mentioned that over the summer of 2003 they did have another calf which was found dead and mutilated, but this was proven out to be a Bear kill. The British Columbia Wildlife people had been out to examine the animal. They skinned the calf out and found a lot of bruising throughout the dead animal.

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