Cattle Mutilations In Rio Cuarto Argentina

Translation (c) 2004 Scott Corrales

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
June 1, 2004

Source: Circulo Ovnilógico Riocuartense - Argentina
Date: 06.01.2004

Argentina: Cattle Mutilations In Rio Cuarto

Urgent Dispatch from Rio Cuarto

Yesterday (Sunday, May, 30, 2004) the Circulo Ovnilógico Riocuartense received a phone call from a rural establishment 55 km distant from the town of Suco in southern Rio Cuarto, in which Mr. Senen Gregorat (the field's owner), explained that in late March of this year a cattle mutilation case had taken place on his proeprty. From Gregorat's own infestigations, it turns out that the alleged mutilation was the work of "pranksters" who killed the animal by introducing a wet bag into its mouth to suffocate it in order to simulate mutilations later on. For this reason, Mr. Gregorat told COR: "We're sick of these fools taking such an important matter as a joke, especially when it affects us financially. It's high time someone takes measures against them."

In a second phone on the same date, at 16:30 hours, Mr. Gregorat reported that he had just found a two year old "Pampa" breed cow, weighing some 280 kilograms, dead and mutilated. From Gregorat's own observations, relayed via cell phone, he said that the right eye and ear wre missing along with part of the udder and anus, and that it's "leg hair" appeared to have been singed by a considerable source of heat. The animal did not shown any signs of having died violently. When asked if its hooves were diry, he replied that they were not and that he could not tell if it kicked while dying, since any marks on the ground would have been erased by the trampling of other cattle in the lot.

In his phone call, the cattleman noted that to judge from what he could see and understand, the animal would have been "hoisted and subsequently deposited on the lot's floor without any violence," since there were no signs of fractures or bruises on the animal's body, nor traces of soil on its hide."

Gregorat added that a few nights ago (Thursday) while he and other people were at a highway toll gate in Suco, they witnessed the rpesence of an obejct in the sky that looked like a very bright star, but moments later they confirmed the "the supposed star was moving from West to East until it passed right over us."

Translation (c) 2004 Scott Corrales IHU
Special thanks to Mario Luis Bracamonte
Circulo Ovnilógico Riocuartense (COR)

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