The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 27, 2004

Date: 12.27.04

By Ing. Gilberto E. Rivera

In mid-april 1997, one Sunday night, a group of girls aged between 15 and 16 decided to tour the outskirts of Aldama, since it is customary among the locals to go out on weekends and have a good time. Riding in a truck, Rosana Madrid and Berenice Lucero Ontiveros, both 15 years of age (at the time), accompanied by 4 girlfriends of similar age and two 10 year-old gilrs, drove their vehicle along the Aldama-Ojinaga road at approximately 21:40 hours. They noticed that a luminous object was following them -- apparently an airplane, and for this reason they didn't pay it much attention.

However, upon approaching the 31.5 km marker, they decided to pull over and take an unimproved road off to the left. Having gone some 200 meters along this road, they turned the engine off to remain there for a while. They then became aware that the object following them was now directly overhead, some 15 meters up in the air.

Rosana and Berenice, who were in the rear of the truck, were able to make a detailed observation in spite of the shock and fear of facing the unknown. The object was bell-shaped, measuring approximately 10 meters in diameter, was metallic and grey-colored and spun on its axis. The object had a rhomboid-shaped base and projected a greenish beam of light that was spinning in a 360-degree angle (sic) and startled the young women with its intensity.
What also drew their attention was the strange noise issuing from the object--a sound they compared with "how air is interrupted due to the wind." The UFO remained only some 20 seconds above their vehicle when it suddenly ascended into the sky, leaving only a whitish luminesence in its wake.

After interviewing the girls and inspecting the sighting area, Jose Luis Balcorta and Gilberto RIvera, who writes this, reached the conclusion that it would have been impossible for an airplane or airliner be in the area, given the existence of pine trees and the altitude at which the object was hovering.

In the Sierra Tarahumara

Mr. Ramón Murillo Betancourt, a retired Chihuahua railway worker, says that in 1964 he worked and traveled aboard the Topolobampo line (Ch-P) with other co-workers. The time was approximately 23:00 hours when the train was approaching the Sánchez station in the Creel-Divisadero region of Barranca del Cobre. Suddenly, they noticed that at a certain distance ahead on the track, above the pine trees, there was a silvery, disk-shaped UFO measuring some 25 meters in diameter. The view was spectacular for the passengers, since this region is very dark.

Mr. Murillo says that an intense bluish-white, triangular-shaped light descended from the object without touching the ground, but able to illuminate even the train. The sighting time was approximately 3 minutes. The object then moved away to vanish, leaving behind only a triangular luminesence. Among the witnesses to this event he could name Antonio Espinosa Benavides, assistant porter; Humberto Méndez Pérez, pullman conductor, Alberto Reza Loya and other workers aboard the Ch-P train at the time.

Over Coyame

Mr. Murillo remarks having had other sightings. In 1966 the Topolobampo line suffered a derailment while on the way from Ojinaga toward the Sierra Tarahumara, between Coyame and Aldama, exactly by the Chapo Station between La Mula and Falomir. The train was carrying some 120 passengers, including a band of norteño musicians.

While the crew awaited the rescue train at appoximately 23:00 hours, Mr. Murillo, accompanied by Jesús Villalobos Quinónez, the Express's engineer, witnessed how the train was lit from outer space by a power beam of light, resembling a giant neon projector that shot down from above.

The GIFAE group is currently investigating some very important cases related to the UFO phenomenon, such as the CE-3 experience by a hearing and speech impaired 11 year-old boy, who showed in pictures his encounter with a small Grey-type humanoid. Standing beneath a disk-shaped object, the being gave him a message, apparently through telepathy. This message is written on the drawing and GIFAE is attempting to decypher it to ascertain its content (this case is in the advanced stages of research).

Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez.

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales for granting permission to use this article.


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