Chilean UFO and Chupacabras Update

Including the First Human Victim
Compiled reports from Dr. Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo

Chilean UFO And Chupacabras Update
- Including The First Human Victim

(Includes reports from Argentina and Peru)

From Dr. Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center


April 9 of 2002

Workers of the local mining company of BSK are frightened due to allegations of a presumed chupacabras attack of an employee during the night shift, in the Escondida mining project area.

The alleged attack took place a few weeks ago and it involved a warehouse worker. The chilling incident occurred in the middle of a cold night at about 3 AM. The worker, as it was said, walked toward a container used as a cellar as he was looking for a spare part. Suddenly, the nightshift silence was interrupted as he was attacked by a beast from behind, causing several wounds to his body and leaving him in a state of shock.

Terrified, he began to run searching for help. He finally was able to reach two other employees who were able to see in the shadows of the dark warehouse what they described as a "chupacabras".

The storekeeper received medical attention, and it is said that him and the two other workers have refused to go back to work. The remaining of the local workers expressed concern and fear regarding the alleged attack. They refuse to work alone in order to prevent being attacked.


Monday 8 of April of 2002

An alleged " Chupacabras " creature left its footprint in a henhouse. The news about the supposed apparition spread controversy in the region.

Until now, nobody wants to admit the presence of a strange being that destroys its victims with an apparent incredible force. However, at least among the population in the neighborhoods in Santa Clara, the controversial creature, or something similar, made its presence well known in the sector of Talcahuano. Furthermore, in recent days, several chicken cages and henhouses have been partially destroyed, and along with them, several chickens.

Despite the silence of local authorities, the evidence is clearly there. Hernán Pino, one of the villagers, stated that several officers form the second police station and many neighbors have arrived to the area because they are concerned about the gruesome events that have recently occurred. According to the locals, the village of Talcahuano had never witnessed cases involving domestic animal mutilations. They expressed concern because they are unable to determine what has caused the deaths of their animals.

Referring to the presence of the " Chupacabras " in the northern area, particularly in Calama and its surroundings, one neighbor stated: "We have heard of these things and how they happen often in those communities, but we always thought that it was just wild dogs involved. However, after seeing these horrendous mutilations, after learning how this creature is able to break into metallic fences and henhouses built with steel, we are convinced that it is not a dog.'

Until now, there have not been any official statements or declarations by the authorities regarding what happened. There is a silence and lots of fear among the population's neighbors of Santa Clara.

The mystery of the mutilated hens is increasing. Not even customs officers have spoken about it. Nevertheless, the neighbors have request protection, because they say that somebody or something is haunting and stalking them.


April 1, 2002

Despite of the modest amount of Chupacabras sightings these last days in the town of The Tonco, northern Argentina, the inhabitants are afraid they will begin to see a mass wave domestic animal mutilations, just like the events that happened during the year 2000 in Calama, Chile.

According to Juan Carlos Chavez, commissary of the regional unit of Cafayete, the nightmare that affected Chile during that time, to which it caused reactions throughout the world, may happen in his region; therefore, he has set up a community-wide alert.

"The presence of the mythical creature in this rural area belonging to the municipality of Payogasta, is tied to a wave of recent UFO sightings", he said during a local news interview.

"We are linking these facts. 10 years ago an intense investigation began in places where ufos and