Chilean UFO and Chupacabras Update

Including the First Human Victim
Compiled reports from Dr. Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo

Chilean UFO And Chupacabras Update
- Including The First Human Victim

(Includes reports from Argentina and Peru)

From Dr. Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center


April 9 of 2002

Workers of the local mining company of BSK are frightened due to allegations of a presumed chupacabras attack of an employee during the night shift, in the Escondida mining project area.

The alleged attack took place a few weeks ago and it involved a warehouse worker. The chilling incident occurred in the middle of a cold night at about 3 AM. The worker, as it was said, walked toward a container used as a cellar as he was looking for a spare part. Suddenly, the nightshift silence was interrupted as he was attacked by a beast from behind, causing several wounds to his body and leaving him in a state of shock.

Terrified, he began to run searching for help. He finally was able to reach two other employees who were able to see in the shadows of the dark warehouse what they described as a "chupacabras".

The storekeeper received medical attention, and it is said that him and the two other workers have refused to go back to work. The remaining of the local workers expressed concern and fear regarding the alleged attack. They refuse to work alone in order to prevent being attacked.


Monday 8 of April of 2002

An alleged " Chupacabras " creature left its footprint in a henhouse. The news about the supposed apparition spread controversy in the region.

Until now, nobody wants to admit the presence of a strange being that destroys its victims with an apparent incredible force. However, at least among the population in the neighborhoods in Santa Clara, the controversial creature, or something similar, made its presence well known in the sector of Talcahuano. Furthermore, in recent days, several chicken cages and henhouses have been partially destroyed, and along with them, several chickens.

Despite the silence of local authorities, the evidence is clearly there. Hernán Pino, one of the villagers, stated that several officers form the second police station and many neighbors have arrived to the area because they are concerned about the gruesome events that have recently occurred. According to the locals, the village of Talcahuano had never witnessed cases involving domestic animal mutilations. They expressed concern because they are unable to determine what has caused the deaths of their animals.

Referring to the presence of the " Chupacabras " in the northern area, particularly in Calama and its surroundings, one neighbor stated: "We have heard of these things and how they happen often in those communities, but we always thought that it was just wild dogs involved. However, after seeing these horrendous mutilations, after learning how this creature is able to break into metallic fences and henhouses built with steel, we are convinced that it is not a dog.'

Until now, there have not been any official statements or declarations by the authorities regarding what happened. There is a silence and lots of fear among the population's neighbors of Santa Clara.

The mystery of the mutilated hens is increasing. Not even customs officers have spoken about it. Nevertheless, the neighbors have request protection, because they say that somebody or something is haunting and stalking them.


April 1, 2002

Despite of the modest amount of Chupacabras sightings these last days in the town of The Tonco, northern Argentina, the inhabitants are afraid they will begin to see a mass wave domestic animal mutilations, just like the events that happened during the year 2000 in Calama, Chile.

According to Juan Carlos Chavez, commissary of the regional unit of Cafayete, the nightmare that affected Chile during that time, to which it caused reactions throughout the world, may happen in his region; therefore, he has set up a community-wide alert.

"The presence of the mythical creature in this rural area belonging to the municipality of Payogasta, is tied to a wave of recent UFO sightings", he said during a local news interview.

"We are linking these facts. 10 years ago an intense investigation began in places where ufos and this creature appeared. Nevertheless, until now, we have not found as much evidence as the cases that happen in Chile", Chavez said.

He also stated that contrary to chupacabras apparitions in Calama, in northern Argentina, the creature appears to be less aggressive. According to some eyewitnesses, it avoids contact with humans as much as possible. Nevertheless, residents are still worried because of what happened in Calama. They fear that their livestock will also be attacked. He explained that a police commission will intensively investigate the phenomenon for a month.

Three local eyewitnesses, who had the unpleasant experience of seeing the alleged chupacabras creature, corroborated with an amazing description. The all concurred that it is a terrifying being, half man and half animal. They also said that it stands about 1.7 meters in height (about 5ft 6in.), it has red eyes, sharp teeth, long upper extremities ending with long and sharp claws, and a body that is fully covered with hair.

"I was walking with my dogs and my livestock when suddenly, something alerted the animals. The being was about 12 meters away from me. As soon as I saw it, it left very rapidly, leaping three times. It jumped very high. I was astonished", said Maria Rufino, a 73-year-old farmer.

The other two eyewitnesses, Santos Jaimes (30) and Ruben Colque (34), said that they also met face to face with the creature. "We were paralyzed with fear and panic. It was a horrible looking being. Its feet had some kind of hooves, but with a ram behind them. We are in alert", they said.


The bizarre underground fires in Calama are still out of control. They have been ongoing for about four months. It is said that the "underground catastrophe" began when local residents started a bonfire back on early December, near the area of Cerro Negro, in the west side of the city.

Aside from the sporadic and highly toxic smoke, the situation has also caused the place to become an imminent hazard for the pedestrians and children. A person can actually fall and sink into the collapsing hot ground near the fires.

Patricio Sandoval, the Fire Department Chief of Calama admitted that the fire department has not come up with a solution to extinguish the notorious fires. He also stated that there is a strong presence of highly toxic and explosive methane gas.

The affected area is very close to populated neighborhoods. According to Sandoval, the fire is too deep and it is very difficult for fire fighting equipment to reach the base of the fire. The chief admitted that it is very difficult to fight fires as unconventional as these.

Contrary to the fire department statements, the Regional Office of Emergencies stated that the situation was "under control" by the firemen. However, they still do not have an explanation as for why they have not been able to put the fires out.


24 people allegedly crossed an interdimensional gateway in broad daylight and in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses.

SANTIAGO, CHILE - April 02, 2002. According to several eyewitnesses, twenty-four people went trough an interdimensional travel experience during an International Congress of Extraterrestrial Contact. The event took place in the Cipreseses River National Reservoir, in the city of Rancagua, Chile.

In tents, the selected group of people was able to enjoy numerous outdoors activities; among them, three lectures, one of them by the famous Peruvian ufologist Sixto Paz. In spite of the interest by the national news media, the place could be kept secret in order to avoid the massive presence of snoopers that occurred in previous occasions.

Extraterrestrial contact

Last month, during an interview with Terra Chile, the Peruvian ufologist and contactee Sixto Paz, announced that a very significant event that would include extraterrestrial contact would happen in Chile during the end of March or beginning of April.

Chilean ufologist Camilo Valdivieso stated that the expectations for such event grew even greater due to strange phenomena that has been taken place lately, particularly, during the night on Saturday, March 29, when many eyewitnesses saw several lights in the sky. According to one spectator, "they were as bright as giant light bulbs".

"These types of UFO sightings", said Valdivieso, "were announcing that something was going to happen. During the previous days when the contact took place, the people involved in the teleportation were suddenly aware about the existence of the interdimensional gateway or Xendra. They somehow learned that through this door, they would have managed to establish contact with supposed extraterrestrial beings".

One eyewitness said, "It's like seeing a person disintegrate in front of your eyes". So far, no one has mentioned if the alleged event was captured by video or photography. Upon learning that his prediction came true, Sixto Paz said he was very glad, but he did not issue any statements.

Christian Riffo M.

Last Month's Article about Sixto Paz's Prediction:


During a recent UFO expo in Chile, Peruvian Ufologist Sixto Paz announced that Chileans would soon have contact with Ets. The expert, who presently is conducting studies about UFO sightings in the area of Quintero, announced, "what is about to happen this month will resonate world-wide; that is why many investigators from different countries have arrived to this country".

Referring to what had occurred in Quintero, Paz claimed that he and about 100 other eyewitnesses have already made contact with the Ets. "We saw a ship that landed in front of our eyes, with beings standing at about 2 meters in height, wearing shiny body suits", said Paz.

Sixto Paz is currently touring the country of Chile and exhibiting what he claims to be evidence of extraterrestrial life. As for the alleged contact with extraterrestrial beings, he did not indicate the exact day of when it will happen.


By Carolina Uribe Assef

The south of Chile is surrounded by mysteries and myths. One of them is about an island that is supposedly inhabited by extraterrestrials or people that unlike ordinary human beings, posses a vast amount of knowledge in the fields of science, aeronautics, physics, mathematics, and medicine. The name of the island is "Friendship" and it is located in an island complex called Kent. According to the legend, it is very hard to find.

Some of the villagers that live nearby call the people form Friendship Island "angels", because according to descriptions, they are tall, blond-haired, they have blue eyes, and they dress up with strange-looking clothes. Some claim that they speak using a "spiritual tone". Furthermore, there are some that will actually offer the villagers to be taken to the mystery island to "get to know it", and at the same time, to get cured from illnesses that ordinary medicine cannot cure.

According to people that claim to have had contact with these strange characters, they were taken to the island by boats that they call "Mitylus". Many locals in the southern port of Montt have actually seen the boats, as they depart with the ill onboard to be taken to the island and receive their miraculous treatment.

Some have claimed that the "Friendship People" actually may have up to seven "bases" around the world that may include: the south of Chile, Europe, Central America, the Bermuda Triangle, the United States, Africa and East Asia, which would also be intended for the purpose of "curing people".

The stories of the people who supposedly have visited "Friendship" to be healed, began in the Eighties, when Octavio Ortiz in 1984, accidently listened to an emergency radio transmission from a boat from the Oceanography Department of the University of Chile. The ship apparently tried to communicate with the port authorities of Iquique because a mysterious light appeared in front of the vessel. The strange object began to descend onto the boat and radiated a great amount of light, which allegedly caused hair-loss to some sailors. Octavio later found out from an engineer named Ernesto de la Fuente, who apparently knew "white men" that claimed to belong to a congregation called Friendship.

The commotion of the sighting that happened in 1984 resonated so much that the director of the Civil Aeronautical Department, Sergio Pinero, ordered an investigation. According to the official report, the radar observed an unidentified object located at about 20 NM west of the radio beacon of Tabon. The report of the Department of Aeronautics concluded that "the events of that day continue to remain unexplained".

But what are these "Friendship" people looking for? "The inhabitants of this mysterious island choose carefully who to contact after a trial period of visits to the island", this according to Hugo Pacheco, veteran investigator of the subject. According to the investigative group AION, whose president is Rodrigo Fuenzalida, the island is not being inhabited by beings of other planets, but rather by people that began an experimental project that dates back before World War II. Their report assures that a document from the intelligence services in Chile, cites government information mentioning the presence of the mysterious inhabitants of the island.

The report also mentions that the arrival of this "religious community" to this country took place twenty years ago and it began in the desert of the Third Region, but due to the lack of water, the project was transferred to the south of Chile, creating one of the biggest and most controversial mysteries of recent years.


"Arica is one of the areas with more UFO sightings in the Chile and with one of the most relevant cases", said Cristian Riffo, journalist and director of the UFO Investigative Group Ovnivision, who along with a television crew form Megavision spent the weekend in the city gathering testimonies from UFO eyewitnesses.

"The interior of Arica and the area of the Lago Chungara have always been present in reports of UFO sightings, especially last year", he said. "There are many cases of truck drivers that have seen objects leaving or landing in Arica. There was a sighting published during that time, of some security guards that were at the lake and reported one of those objects, but we found it very hard to find them because they rotate their shifts and they weren't here this weekend. If we could just find these people, I'd like to interview them, so I will be back after the Passover break and hopefully, I'll have better luck. It's very difficult to study these cases without the original eyewitness testimonies. Although, we couldn't find the guards, I did speak with the person that reported the sighting over the radio. But this it is nearly the first stage of the investigation and we will return", said Riffo.

Riffo also announced the upcoming book of Officer Armando Valdes, a local military veteran who was allegedly abducted by a UFO. He added that it was being delayed due to several personal reasons, including the officer's religious believes. Riffo also responded to questions regarding another similar case where a man named Lucio Quevedo, was abducted in the area of Putre, and later turned out in the neighboring country of Bolivia. "These cases are amazing; just the two alone are worth coming back to Arica to further study them", said Riffo.

Jaime Ferrer
Calama UFO Center

Translations by Mario Andrade

Article used with the permission of Dr. Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo

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