Chilean Dogs Sucked Dry

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
September 4, 2003

Source: "Crónica" (newspaper); Concepción, Chile.
Date: Thursday, September 4, 2003

Dogs Sucked Dry from Within in Lota

Did the Chupacabras move to Lota? Researchers of the unexplained prefer to speak of an unknown biological entity which attacks the animals in a mining community. Death has now visited the dogs in the Enacar compound.

by Gonzalo Pizarro G.

Something unknown is prowling Lota and is slaying animals without pity: ducks, hens and now dogs are the victims of a macabre "entity" which has local researchers of the unexplained beside themselves, collecting background information in order to reach the truth as closely as possible.

"Given the rigidity of their muscles, I believe they were subjected to such a state of agitation that it could have only been caused by blinding fear, an unprecedented attack or act of aggression." This is the description offered by a person who found the bodies of four dogs--four pups and a grown bitch- completely exsanguinated from within, without any traces of liquids or blood inside them.

Leonardo Torres is the president of the MUFON chapter in Lota, an independent international agency that looks into strange phenomena and is compiling background information on the deaths, which have been attributed to a "being" whose names he did not wish to speculate.

The deaths of these quadrupeds occured at a kennel located in the vicinity of the Enacar compound and which is under the care of a person who worked for said corporation, training their watchdogs. This man, who did not give his name, left some pups locked in a kennel on August 23, together with a female pit bull to look after them.

The next day, the man was gripped by fear when he found them lifeless. He even found one of the puppies sliced in half and another a several meters' distance. "They were completely dry and dehydrated. The bitch was stiff; I had to break her bones to bury her. The strangest thing is that her jaws were clenched and the pups were all together, as though piled up... they also had two puncture marks, one behind the ear and another in the backs of their necks," said the man, who has 40 years' worth of experience in dealing with dogs and had never seen anything like this.

The kennel's gate had been torn and everything inside was in disarray, even a iron stove weighing several kilos was a meter and a half away from its original position. Torres said the Enacar compound is very large and that it possesses ideal tunnels in which anything can hide.

He likewise remarked that there are statements from people who claim having seen--at different times on August 22 - a "biological entity" in the Lota Alto sector, among them a child who even made a drawing of it.

This case coincides with others which were made known a few days ago, such as the one in Idahue, in which six ducks were found with punctures in their necks.

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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