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Chile: Cab Drivers in Iquique Claim UFO Sightings


SOURCE: La Segunda (Chile)
DATE: 23 November 2007

Chile: Cab Drivers in Iquique Claim UFO Sightings

IQUIQUE - Taxicab drivers queued up outside Iquique's Diego Aracena airport were shocked and surprised by an alleged UFO sighting.

The event occurred as the cab drivers waited for passengers arrving from the flight from Santiago de Chile. They became aware of a bright white light that appeared from the seacoast at high speed.

According to their testimony, the object was a little larger than a star, moved up and down abruptly, flew diagonally over the airport with a zig-zagging motion and then vanished toward the northeast.

The Chilean Air Force's (FACH) Air Operations Center did not detect anything unusual, as reported by La Estrella de Iquique.

(Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Leopoldo Zambrano, Fundacion Cosmos AC)

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