Incredible Humanoid Sighting Leaves Witnesses Speechless

Translation (c) Scott Corrales

DATE: Monday, August 30, 2004


Mysterious creatures were seen by numerous witnesses in an area near the city of Coquimbo, Chile. According to their reports, they resemble small humans that float through the air without making a sound.

Francisco Vega, a laborer at the "El Pelambre" mine, was in the company of his brother and two other laborers of the Argandoña ceramics company in the Planicie de Panul sector, a location adjacent to La Herradura de Coquimbo, where he owns a plot of property whose borders required demarcation.

At a distance of some 20 meters, Francisco witnessed what appeared to be a small "monkey" that was approaching them, walking along the plain. Upon looking at it closely, he saw that it was a human-like creature, but red in color.

"It had a very bulky head, was no taller than 80 centimeters and looked like a gas bag, because it was so fat. My initial impression was that it resembled a rugby player," said the witness, according to the Chilean press.

"Only a few seconds went by and I shouted very loud son that my brother and the workers would realize what I was looking at," he added.

The surpriese among experienced by the four men was even more complex when they noticed the strange being levitate over the plain, remaining in the air for several minutes.

Later, they said the creature began heading toward the sea at low speed, finally vanishing. The event occured in July of this year.

A similar event befell a group of five youths who were spending the night at that lookout point. They saw strange entities emerge from the sea, gradually coming closer.

They were unable to make out any details at first, but later added that they were diminutive humanoids surrounded by something like an aura of light. After remaining motionless in mid-air, the beings began to disappear.

The entire group was able to see these strange entities, and all members coincided in their descriptions and the details of the visitors that emerged from the sea.

Translation (c) Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
Special thanks to Alicia Rossi and Liliana Núnez.

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