Chile: Chupacabras Attacks Las Cruces

Translation (C) 2002 Scott Corrales

SOURCE: Diario El Lider de San Antonio
DATE: August 19, 2003


The animals presented perforations near the neck and extensive featherless areas.

"Damn you, Chupacabras, you killed all of my hens," were the resigned and angry words of Ana Luisa Morales Inostroza, when she discovered at 7 a.m. yesterday, as is her custom, the macabre spectacle as she went to feed her farm animals. Seven chickens in one of her two henhouses were dead, scattered all over the dirt floor. Another small bird was agonizing. Pale and almost dry, the dead birds had lost most of their plumage and presented two-centimeter puncutre marks on their necks. The dry flesh and the animal's interior could be seen through the puncture, as though a strange object had been introduced into the dead poultry's bodies to draw their blood.

Estos eran los únicos rastros del autor del insólito ataque al gallinero ubicado en la tranquila calle Los Castaños (en Las Cruces), salvo un orificio en la malla de plástico que cubría el techo del gallinero. El forado tiene unos 20 centímetros de ancho por diez de largo, lugar por donde entró quien privó de la vida a las aves. The affected party reported the event to the Carabineros (state police) barracks at Las Cruces, noting that the "Chupacabras" was responsible.

Two dogs guard the home of Ana Luisa Morales and on an adjacent property, two mastiffs reinforce the sector's safety. "The dogs have never attacked the birds and when cats do it, they shred the chickens and the hens alike. But my chickens are whole but for the feathers and the hole in their bodies. These birds have no blood, you can see it by how pale they are. There's no doubt that it is the Chupacabras, whom they say was in Santiago but has appeared in Las Cruces," mourned the woman, who claimed not having heard noises nor the presence of strangers on the property, something that is made even harder by the presence of the watchdogs. "I believe it is the Chupacabras who came in at 4 in the morning, because at that time everything's asleep, even the animals."

The news spread like wildfire in the community and numerous residents visited Ana Luisa Morales to show solidarity and while they were added, to take a look at the deceased poultry.

The economic losses were considerable, as well as the effort taken to raise the poultry. Right next to the affected henhouse there is another, but it has a metal structure on its roof, which kept the attacker from continuing with its fatal assault of the remaining birds, hens in this case.

From now on, Ana Luis Morales must redouble her efforts to protect her remaining birds and scare off the mysterious Chupacabras that prowls Las Cruces, according to the locals.

Translation (C) 2002 Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi

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