Chile: Chupacabras In Quete Quete

Chile: Chupacabras In Quete Quete

Source: Diario La Prensa
Date: August 30, 2003

Chupacabras Allegedly Apperared In Quete Quete

Curico -- Without any apparent explantation, the owners of 50 hens were startled to find their animals dead inside and outside a henhouse in the Quete Quete sector on the road to Rauco. Scattered over a broad space, the hens were joined by a turkey and a rooster that shared a small coop which was also fenced.

The owners cannot explain how the creature--which was initially said to be the legendary Chupacabras--could have entered the pen and then the henhouse, leaving in its wake 50 hens in very poor conditions, some of them torn to shreds, although without the characteristic marks found on animals attacked by the "Chupacabras".

The owner of each bird could not explain how the events occurred. Only when they arose in the morning did they realize that 50 hens were dead and that a scant few remained alive, without them or their watchdogs ever becoming aware of a disturbance.

"I have no idea as to what happened here. When I woke up in the morning I found them dead, nothing more. About 50 hens died; there are roosters and turkeys. We heard nothing. There were some 60 hens here and about 10 were left. This is the first time it's happened. I heard nothing, the dogs didn't bark, and my wife didn't hear any noises. The hens were scattered all over and I gathered them here...there were a few around here and the turkey was over there, " said Sergio Gonzalez Nunez, owner of the farm birds.

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