New Animal Deaths Reinforce 'Chupacabras' Hypothesis

Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales

SOURCE: Diario El Día - Chile
DATE: Sunday, October 19, 2003

New Animal Deaths In Coquimbo Reinforce Chupacabras Hypothesis

***Simultaneously, residents in Caleta San Pedro claim young student is "possessed" by an evil force that has required religious intervention***

By Armando Tapia

Paranormal events have strongly imprinted the weekly news in this region following several attacks by the alleged "Chupacabras" in the Pan de Azúcar sector. To this was added a report of "demonic possession in Caleta San Pedro: two enigmatic events for which there is still no conclusive answer, particularly taking into consideration the fact that mysterious animal deaths are still taking place in Coquimbo.

A new attack by the mythic predator took place yesterday in Pan de Azucar, this time on the property of Carlos Errazuriz of Hacienda Venus. Increasing the fear that is already felt by local residents since the first deaths occurred on October 15, the fact is that the landowner was faced with the death of 15 of his canaries through exsanguination. The birds were not eaten.

Before the startled eyes of the dwellers, who did not hear any noises during the night, the unknown entity opened the mesh screen of the bird cage to subsequently get in and slay all of these canaries, which were found dead the following morning and strewn all over the yard, showing the same strange marks which supposedly appear on the "Chupacabras"'s victims.

Errazuriz dismissed the possibility that a dog or other animal-- such as a fox--could be involved, since considerable strength would be required to open the gate, and furthermore none of the birds was devoured or even bittne. "It's as though only their blood had been sucked," he said, looking at one of the prints left by the mysterious assailant. Due to their large size and shape, they do not appear to belong to any known animal.

The first time that a Chupacabras attack became known in this region was in May 2004, when 40 mutilated chickens were found in Salamanca. Although all suspicions at the time were directed at the strange creature's actions, the fact is that the official version finally determined that it was merely the work of a "wild animal": an explanation that did not convince many.

One day before the "Chupcabras" attacks became known, a strange news item spread concern among residents of Caleta San Pedro, a tiny rural community in the La Serena commune. A 17 year-old student was the victim of a strange "malign force" that had posessed her, caused her to suffer convulsions and experience lapses of awareness.

According to the girl's relatives -- whose name is being kept confidential--the teenager has experienced abrupt personality changes in which even her voice and features have been altered, to the extent of convincing everyon that she is possessed.

However, a local priest who visited the girl's home dismissed that any diabolism was involved, indicating that "nothing more than a strange health alteration" was involved. The fact remains that the event has caused a stir in the community, since the crisis still affects the student.

In spite of this, the Catholic church acknowledges the existence of diabolic possession cases for which "exorcisms" are the prescirbed remedy, having the category of a sacrament, and which are only performed when all manner of psychological disturbances, or other ailments having a natural explanation, have been discarded.

Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special Thanks to Liliana Núñez Orellana

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