Chupacabras Exsanguinates Hens In San Ramon Costa Rica

Translation (C) 2004 Scott Corrales

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
March 22, 2003

Source: Diario Extra - San Jose de Costa Rica

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Chupacabras Exsanguinates Hens In San Ramon

Photos Graciela Solís

Several groups of dead hens were bled dry in the backyard of the Rodriguez household.

A nocturnal Chupacabras attack took place last Tuesday night in a chicken coop owned by Gonzalo Rodriguez of San Juan de San Ramon, Ajuela Province, Costa Rica.

Nearly 20 beautiful, plump hens - the type that takes pide in laying large eggs - were found dead and without a trace of blood, bearing twin puncture marks on their backs. The birds were completely dry.

It was late at night when Rodriguez heard strange noises and a ruckus coming from the henhouse on his property - a commotion that was far from being normal. He decided to send his son to check with a flashlight to make sure thieves weren't at work.

The youth obeyed his father and flashlight in hand approached the large henhouse stealthily, becoming terrified upon seeing a strange black animal, standing some 40 cm. tall and resembling a small dog with a long tail and standing on two legs. He recalls, among what little he was able to see through the flashlight's beam, that the animal had a very long tongue. Upon seeing the light, the creature fled into the vegetation, skillfully leaping over a wall.

An inspection of the henhouse revealed that twenty hens had been slain. Police authorities of the nearby town of San Ramon were notified and officer Marcos Hernandez reported to the scene to corroborate not only Gonzalo Rodriguez's account, but the testimony of frightened neighbors.

The officer was able to ascertain that several "bunches" of dead hens lay near the property's fence. The birds were whole and the only sign of damage to them were the two small holes on its back, through which it is presumed that the strange assailant drove its fangs to remove or suck their blood.

Witnesses immediately ascribed the blame for the chicken slayings to the legendary, sinister and mysterious creature known throughout Mesoamerica as the Chupacabras.

What occurred two nights ago at the Rodriguez henhouse was immediately associated with an earlier, similar event, in which dead sheep had been found with the same characteristics: twin puncture marks on their necks or back and not a single drop of blood.

Two days ago, at the same site and to eliminate any questions, Luis Morun and Luis Angulo, neighbors of the Rodriguez family, butchered each of the animals to insure that the birds were totally dry and without a drop of blood.

Neighbors have rejected the possibility that a weasel, wolf or hen-killing predator such as a fox could be involved. What startled them most is that formerly one or two hens would vanish - now twenty did so at the same time.

Translation (C) 2004 Scott Corrales IHU
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