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March 15, 2005

SOURCE: (Puerto Montt, Chile)
DATE: March 13, 2005

The Chupacabras: Closer than We Thought?
by Pedro Soto Palma *** Expert says terrifying attacks will begin from March onward ***

Juan Acuña will never forget that night at the edge of midnight when he returned home seriously injured, bearing the weight of fear on his shoulders. He remained submerged under the restless waters of the canal for 15 minutes trying to think of the sordid image that his eyes had seen while two creatures regarded him with impunity...

The Chupacabras had attacked again. This was the first round. What is it? What is its shape? Where does it come from? These are perhaps the most essential questions that come to our minds when we hear the fearsome "Chupacabras" mentioned.

According to the Biblical Book of Isaiah, reference is made to a female monster (Lilith) that has been translated in certain versions of the Holy Word as "Goatsucker". According to Rev. 34-11, "The pelican and the urchin took over her (Earth) and the owl (Goatsucker or Lilith) and the raven shall dwell on her."

Cause for worry..or not?

Specialist and compiler of articles related to the subject, Liliana Núñez, aid that the first recorded case in Chile in the year 2000 did not occur in Calama - as collective memory suggests - but closer to Puerto Montt that one would think. Very few know this.

In the town of Antihue, some 50 km from Valdivia, a local planter killed the alleged "Chupacabras" with a shotgun blast.

If the collapse of the Twin Towers was a triumph for terrorism, the skull of the unknown animal became the standard of victory for the local planter. Monthls later, learning of the events appearing in the media, he decided to approach "El Diario El Austral" of Valdivia to tell his story. Days later, the rest of the country was stalked by a strange animal known as "Chupacabras"

After four months of intense investigation, scientists with the Universidad Austral determined that "Chilean fauna is sufficiently well-known; the discovery of new species in the year 2000 is unlikely." Specialist analyzing the case determined that they had been "unable to establish the animal in question" according to the newspaper article. Scientist Milton Gallardo, who analyzed the skull, said it had 6 incisors, 2 canines, 6 premolars and 6 molars in the upper jaw as well as in the lower jaw. A total of 40 teeth. Truth or fiction? No cause for alarm...or is it?

[The creatures that attacked Juan Acuña] had two "yellow suns" under their forehead. One of them was 60 centimeters tall and the other stood over one meter tall. They were winged and covered in black fur. If the Hiroshima bombing was torture, how did Acuña feel about his experience on July 11, 2004 near El Parral?]

Marcelo Catrilef, a veterinarian from Puerto Montt, stated that there is still no clear explanation to the attacks recorded by the press since the Year 2000.

"It is very clear that the phenomenon is little known. We cannot think that it is an animal, but there are many unexplained things, such as the behavior of the attacked animals. Hens will not crow. We are witnessing strange behavior on the part of the attacker as well as the attacked," he emphasized.

Alberto Urquiza, a panelist with the "La Ley de la Selva" show, a ufologist and specialist in the subject, said that the attacks take place in a stealthy manner. "The wound inflicted is a single one and is characteristic to all cases. It's about the size of a finger seen head-on, not very large, which can be two to four centimeters deep. There is no blood to be found around the attacked animal; their hairs and feathers are bloodless and there is no blood to be found on the floor," he said.

The unknown predator's victims range from alpacas, pigs and sheep to dogs, cats and most poultry.

According to the hypotheses presented on the Chupacabras' origin, there are four on which investigators have come to rest their conclusions. Among them is the one set forth by psychiatrist and paranormal researcher Mario Dussuel, who stated that the first theory is that [the creature] is an experiment belonging to one of the great powers, such as the U.S.. The case that occurred in the northern part of the country--at the Radomiro Tomic mine, where a creature was captured -- coincided with the presence of U.S. aircraft, intuiting that Americans would be directly responsible for the genetic experiments with the feared "Chupacabras". The profile [of this hypothesis] was lowered after some time.

The second hypothesis is that the strange being has always existed on Earth. "It is an intelligent being that has known how to hide, which is why its remains have never been found," he added.

The third is based on the fact that our habitat contains an intraterrestrial environment complete with caves and underground shelters. "At a given time there was an intense burst of ultraviolet radiation that killed all of the dominant species at the time. Then came a civilization that hid under the earth to shelter itself," suggested the investigator.

The fourth hypothesis is related to UFOs, because flying objects have been seen coincidentally where the aforementioned creatures are reported. According to this line of thought, these specimens would have been left behind by ETs to study human reactions.

It is very hard to embrace any single one of these postures, believes Mario Dussuel, since their feasibility has yet to be established. This expert believes that the creature has existed always.

Researcher Liliana Núñez dismisses altogether that the creature is related in any way to the UFO phenomenon. "The UFO phenomenon in Chile has nothing to do with animal slayings. It would suffice to compile the published articles, which are in excess of 1500 worldwide. UFOs are not related in the least to these cases."

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to Liliana Núñez.

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