SOURCE: El Dia (La Serena)
DATE: Thursay, April 21, 2005

by Patricio Borlone

At 0430 hours yesterday, an unknown animal attacked and killed 11 rabbits, two of which have gone missing, at a property in Peñuelas. The involvement of a dog has been discarded.

With extraordinary strength, ablee to break and shatter a 2 x 2 beam and the metal mesh of a 6 x 2 meter rabbit hutch, a strange animal slew six large rabbits apparently for the hell of it.

Minutes earlier it had sated its hunger destroying two so-called "maternity hutches", devouring four of the five bunniew sithin after destroying and fragmenting the two rear boards of the structure, which had been hammered together, displaying a physical strength not found in a large dog or any similar animal.

The event took place around 04:30 hours on Wednesday when the property's foreman, Carlos Adriazola, heard soft knocking sounds that caused him to take a look in the backyard with a halogen beam, casting light on the area. A dense fog, however, kept him from seeing anything. The noise died down after that action. Adriazola noted that "my room is only a few meters away from the pens. There are rabbits, hens, geese, llamas and a good number of little beasts to care for. When I got up I didn't feel anything. Of course, I was wakened by a sound of impacts against wood that isn't common here, much less at that time. I lit the area with my torch and since there was nothing to see, I went back to bed."

When he got up in the morning, he did his rounds and was confronted by the scene of ravaged cages and pens and the deaths of the rabbits. A total of thirteen animals was involved, two of them missing. Entrails of the species were also found.

"The fury with which the animal attacked leads us to think it wasn't a simple dog. I couldn't tell you what it was. I can't imagine a normal dog grabbing a thick wooden beam in its jaws, or else tearing out the mesh and lifting it. The small cages are made of interlocking wood, so it's hard to imagine a dog was involved, since they don't have that kind of strength. Furthermore, there a are fang marks on the boards and claw scratches. As a foreman, I know a lot about animals and I can tell you that a dog wasn't involved."

Photo of mutilated rabbits being examined

Doctor Vilma Valdivia Trujillo, a veterinarian with the Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG), took samples for subsequent study, but would not venture a diagnosis of what occured and limited herself to saying that she would maintain her silence. Eduardo Quiroz, the SAG's provincial chief, followed her action during the evaluation of the events.

Translation (c) 2005 Scott Corrales, IHU
Special thanks to Liliana Núnez

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