Chupacabras Renews Attacks In Fajardo

Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales

SOURCE: El Vocero (newspaper)
DATE: February 8, 2003

Chupacabras Renews Attacks In Fajardo
by Miguel Rivera Ortiz

FAJARDO--The fearsome animal known as "Chupacabras" reappeared in a central sector of Fajardo where it allegedly slew two rabbits, "sucking" all of their blood, and leaving a goat at death's door. Domingo Ramos, 70, told Police that he had witnessed the macabre activity of the Chupacabras as it killed his rabbits and tried to drain his goat's blood. As of the close of this edition, the animal was still alive with what little blood remained in its body.

The time was around 2:00 a.m. Monday when Domingo, residing at Fajardo's Desvío Street, heard a "ruckus" out by his rabbit cages and when he looked through the window, was appalled by the sight of a giant bird with large wings and bulging eyes slaking its thirst with his animals' blood. The bird, which Domingo said could measure over 5 feet in height, practically attacked his goat in a single motion and drained its blood by biting near the heart.

The "Chupacabras" jumped and flew off toward parts unknown as Domingo began shouting. In an exclusive interview with EL VOCERO, Domingo compared the "Chupacabra" with a gigantic "guaraguao" (falcon) but with a practically human face.

This case was then investigated by the Puerto Rico Police as yet another in which it is alleged that the animal dubbed "Chupacabras" has attacked domestic animals on the island's eastern reaches.

Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales
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