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Mexico: The Chupacabras Reappears

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
April 16, 2008

Sources: El Universal, Vanguardia de Coahuila, Diario de Yucatan
Date: April 15 2008

Mexico: The Chupacabras Reappears

COAHUILA - The "Vanguardia" newspaper reported the deaths of 50 sheep in the central Parras de la Fuente region of the state of Coahuila in its 15 April 2008 edition.

Mr. Antonio Davila, the affected party, presumes that the fearsome "Chupacabras" is responsible for the carnage, as his animals displayed signs of torn flesh and small punctures through which blood was possibly extracted.

These events took place on the early morning hours of 6 April at a site located at the crossing of Morelos and Jose de las Fuentes streets.

Mr. Davila says that he looked into his neighbor's back yard and saw a similar situation: 16 dead animals, with the pens drenched in blood.

CAMPECHE - El Universal, 4 April 2008. Mr. Aurelio Tamay saw a strange animal wandering away from his animal pens after having attacked 8 chickens and a turkey, which were left dismembered and without blood.

YUCATAN - Diaro de Yucatán, 14 April 2008. Eighteen hens were slain by a strange animal with the appearance of a wolf, dark-colored and of unusual size. The beast further attacked Mario Suarez, who went out to defend his birds. This event occurred in Champotón.

Suarez explained that in early hours of 12 April, he squared off against this bloodthirsty entity and was wounded in the chest, injured by the creature's claws. He added that after hearing some loud noises in the backyard of his house at 00:30 hours, he went out to investigate.

The home of the Suarez family is located on 14th street in Colonia La Cruz, Champotón, in the same municipality where only a few weeks ago a farmer reproted that a strange creature killed eight hens and a turkey.

On this occasion, the witness said that due to the darkness, he was unable to cleary see the animal attacking his hens.

Plucking up his courage, he seized a large stick with which he struck the intruder on the back. However, he explained that the stick shattered. "It was like hitting a stone. The animal simply turned against me. Without issuing a growl, it hurt me on the chest with one of its claws and fled."

Suarez says that the manner in which the hens are killed is very strange. It kills silently and vanishes as readily as it appears. "It kills poultry without eating it. It beheaded two of my hens and tore the leg off another. The others were exsanguinated."

The fence to the backyard of his home in the municipality of Champotón, some 70 km from this city, is nearly 2 meters tall. The creature had no problem getting over it, as though it had wings. "It would be impossible for any other animal to jump over," he added.

His wife, Georgina Fernandez, mentioned that most of her birds sleep high in a tree, and that this unusual beast was able to reach them there. The manner in which it attacks seems "supernatural" to her.

She added that there is fear among the population on account of the chicken slayer or "Chupacabras", as it appears where it is least expected. Two weeks ago it reappeared at Colonia La Playa.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

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