Chupacabras Gets A Beating

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales

Source: La Estrella de Valparaíso -
Date: July 12, 2003


A couple from Vina del Mar went through a horrifying experience after becoming aware that a strange animal, allegedly the Chupacabras, had entered into their back yard where it attacked the family's ducks. One of the ducks suffered a perfect perforation in its spine; the remaining three animals disappeared.

Most stunning for the protagonists of the event was that they managed to face see the animal, face it and even strike it repeatedly with a metal cart. But the intruder managed to escape; it's escape path was not ascertained.

This strange event was recorded early Wednesday morning this week (07/09). The witnesses were Juan Siliva Torres and Veronica Vildosola, residents of Las Maravillas street in the town of Santa Julia. Both were hesitant about disclosing their experience, since they feared they would not be believed. Curiously enought, this episode is similar to several other similar ones recorded in different parts of the area and the country which have been attributed to the legendary Chupacabras.

A horrible experience

Veronica Vildosola states that on the day in question, around 5 a.m., she heard strange noises: "First I heard blows on neighboring rooftops. It was like something jumping from one rooftop to another."

She added: "I suddenly heard something like a very heavy bird that landed on our roof. It immediately started to scratch the rooftop with its claws."

Faced with the fear that the animal or bird would attack the ducks kept in the backyard or the hens in their coops, she woke up her husband so he could go and take a look.

The attack

Juan Silva says: "Upon going outside, I saw an animal that wasn't a dog in spite of looking like a dog. It was in a corner, hunched over the spie of one of the ducks it had caught."

"I got closer, hurling the wrench I held in my hand against it. But since it didn't move, I began to strike it with the handle of a metal hand cart that was in the yard. The animal made some strange sounds, like moans of pain. Had it been a dog, it would have barked and yelped. But that wasn't the case." Silva adds that the creature "had very shiny eyes."

His wife continued the story. "I was holding a stick with which to strike what I thought was a dog. That's when I saw the critter trying to escape. It did so in a sem-erect position, as though walking hunched over on two legs. It looked at me and I also saw its shiny eyes. I don't know if I was paralyzed out of fear or for another reason."

The couple indicated that neighboring dogs began to bark like never before.


They stated that after realizing that the duck over which the animal had crouched had a deep hole through which its blood had been drained. Since the animal was caught in the act, the bird had traces of blood over its feathers. Reporters from La Estrella saw that the attacked bird had an orifice 2 centimeters across; it was a perfect incision, as though created by a precision instrument. The family noted that three ducks had disappeared. "We found a wing belonging to one of them, but the other two we couldn't find, even after going out to the street and looking for it.

But the mysterious creature's escape was also a subject of high strangeness for the protagonists of this event. "Later on, we tried to see which way the animal could have escaped, but we didn't find any point through which it could've crossed. We think it could have only flown away," said the woman.

They noted that the animal only left some claw marks on the dirt. "These don't match dog paws either," stated Juan Silva.

Valparaíso, Vina del Mar and Quillota have been the scene for similar episodes in recent years. No logical explanation has hitherto been found for them. For this reason, those affected by poultry deaths have ascribed the attack to the alleged Chupacabras.

Furthermore, the case recorded in Santa Julia coincides in several aspects with the two latest ones known in Quillota. One of them is that the creature appears during the early morning hours, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. The other is that when faced with humans, these notice strange eye-glow which has even left them paralyzed.

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi

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