Chupacabras Prints to be Studied by GEO Group

Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales

Source: Diario "El Centro" (Talca, Chile)
Date: July 21, 2003


CURICO. The prestigious GEO Group, devoted to the study of UFO phenomena, is studing the prints left by the alleged "Chupacabras" which apparently attacked thirty chickens during early morning hours last Tuesday in La Palmilla, Rauco commune.

A total of 24 birds were found exsanguinated within a henhouse belonging to María Carolina Bravo. In another nearby henhouse, five more hens expereinced a simiar attack; no explanation is forthcoming regarding the animal [whose fangs] pierced their neck and drew their blood.

Alfredo Nilo, a Curico-based researcher of UFO phenomena, visited the site of the incident and made casts of the prints which could belong to the legendary "Chupacabras". He was also able to secure samples of hair, whose origin shall be investigated. In this regard, and in order to perform more detailed studies, Alfredo Nilo took the samples to Santiago, specifically to the GEO Group, which specializes in UFO and paranormal phenomena. There he met with Alberto Urquiza, the group's president, who also participates in the "La Ley de la Selva" television show, in order to deliver the casts and perform an analysis.

"We were able to compare some of the prints of the most recent attack of this being, which occurred in Viña del Mar, and which have some similar characteristics with the Rauco evidence in the type of claw. However, the prints were left with GEO for a more thorough analysis, since they havce the necessary materials and instruments," said Nilo.

In this meeting, Urquiza made known his intention to visit the area in order to see the site where the "Chupacabras" attack allegedly occurred. Even when no specific date was given, it could take place within a few weeks. Alfredo Nilo said that for the time being they await the analyses to be performed by GEO in order to ascertain the type of animal or strange being that exsanguinated the hens from Rauco. He also noted that they are waiting for the report to be drafted by the Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) based on the hens that were removed from the site. The prints taken by Nilo from the site where the birds died correspond to one of the animal's legs, which is characterized by not bein "retractable" (sic) like those of a dog. Furthermore, reddish hair was located which could eventually shed more light on the matter.

"We were also intersted in the fact that the birds' feathers appeared to have been chopped off as if by a knife. When a dog tears at something, it pulls out the feathers and they come out by the root. We are faced with the fact that a sharp object was responsible, and the prints show that the attacker had claws as thin and sharp as a knife," he said.

Nilo also recalled that a resident of La Palmilla is devoted to looking for water to build wells and tanks. He used his tools in one of the chicken coops where the creature or animal attacked the hens and found that the tools had acquired radiation and a strange energy.

"We believe it's an extraterrestrial pet, a programmed being, a hybrid or cloned species designed to extract bodily fluids or liquids from the birds in order to feed itself, or with another purpose altogether. It is associated to the UFO phenomenon and is very intelligent. For this reason it will not be captured," he added.

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Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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