Chupacabras prints to be studied by GEO Group

An article from Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

[UFOINFO Note: This article was posted in response to an earlier report "Chupacabras Prints to be Studied by GEO Group"]

In conversation with Alberto Urquiza, an investigator from GEO and an expert dedicated to study the attacks attributed to the Chupacabras, assured that, must of the latest incidents have been erroneously related to the mystical animal. He is certainty that some incidents reported on the Metropolitan Region are well-known animal work. According to Urquiza, this fact slow down the investigation: "There are attacks erroneously attributed to the Chupacabras, in which it is the presence of dogs and felines. These incidents confuse the investigation, distracting our resources and time". That could be the case of two attacks on July 1, in the communes of Buin and Pudahuel. Attacks that ended the live of almost 80 hens. "Although, at the beginning, we thought this cases were the product of the Chupacabras (understand that the Chupacabras is an unknown species), thank to the cooperation of veterinarians and other specialists, we managed to established that in Buin the massacre was done by a feline that escaped from a nearby zoo. In the Pudahuel's case, it was clearly the participation of street dogs". explained Urquiza.

"For the investigator, it is fundamental to analyze each case separately. the possibility always exists that the attacks are the result of the action of a well known animals. This work, due to the huge numbers of reported incidents and the limited resources, has been transformed into a more and more complex task.

Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center

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