Brian, have been meaning to write you. I had a couple of things to mention. No more visual sightings to report but something strange to share. I forgot to mention to you that my car battery was dead after one of these sightings. I remember running outside cause I thought I was going to drive out in the country and see this thing without the glare of the city lights. Then I remembered I had not charged my battery and that the car didn't start that morning. It was a brand new battery. I don't know if it is significant or not. Although car problems seem to occur when these events do.

Stranger though is a mark on the back of my arm. It was really hard to get a picture of. Now, I don't recall missing time. This mark hurt which is how I found it, and it was in an odd place, on the back of my forearm. I am including pictures here for you. It was very hard to photograph and it has the shape of a perfect isosceles triangle. It looked initially like a burn, yet it was almost a dry burn. It affected the entire area around it, only the corners seemed to be raised somewhat initially. The shadow of this image remains on my arm today. It is creepy. While wandering through your site last night, I saw the article you had from the Israeli UFO investigator who shows a nearly identical mark only on the left arm. This is almost identical to mine, different arm. In such a weird place. I wouldn't have noticed it at all in that location, although I had some pain there so I looked. I also had a severe headache for days after this. It was awful.

I don't know if it is related at all. But I will include it and see if others who read this may have experienced this.

As far as my other experiences I have had several odd ones that stand out as those events that shaped me to become the person I am. And for whatever reason they seem connected to this phenomenon so many have experienced. So here it goes:

When I was little I was terrified of my windows, I wasn't sure why then. Several times I woke up and had dots of blood on my pillow and my nose hurt. I also remember a time when I was outside, and I looked down at my hand, It was bleeding and the skin looked like it was cut. I remember that some " little people around me" put a kind of rock in my hand and closed it up. I was upset and went in to my mom and said "you have to get it out". She saw very little blood and I have a scar on that wrist. I am 47 now. My mom has no idea what could have made such a scar and doesn't recall any accident I had then. But for the scar to remain, when many have come and gone over the years that have been significantly worse makes me realize it had to have been fairly significant at the time. Now, on to the other experiences.

My brother and I were avid star gazers. He had a telescope and I spent many nights outside stargazing and studying astronomy. I used to laugh though about UFO's. He said they were real, and I said he was nuts.

My grandfather taught me dowsing when I was little. I was a natural. At seven I had a major spiritual experience. Yes, seven! I became aware of psychic abilities and began having premonitions many of which have come to pass. I heard a voice inside, and that voice told me that life would be difficult for me at some points. But it also told me that I had chosen exactly that road, that path and that lifetime. I was told that I would not have any natural children. I told my mother that I was going to be a nun. I was going to adopt children from other countries. I just had a strong sense that somehow my life would involve a lot of spiritual challenges. My mother has the same psychic abilities although it scares her to talk of them. And now, I am noticing that my niece is next in line. I just think that all of this, the encounters, everything has a profound spiritual effect on people. And it seems that they have at times inherited "gifts" such as the gift of sight. At the same time though as a little girl I was very logical. Must be the Virgo traits I have. When I was 19 I came home from MPLS. (I was at a Christian college and I was going to be a missionary) for a visit. That night I awoke to a bright light streaming into my room. It flooded the wall in front of my bed and the backyard. At that time my parents had just built a new home and the backyard had been a pasture and part of a farm. There were no neighbors at that time in the backyard area. I awoke to this sound of a mighty wind as it rushed over my body. I lay paralyzed and unable to move.

I tried to scream. I couldn't. I felt someone was trying to steal my soul. I was besieged by this feeling three times, what I remember most of that night is someone over me, with some kind of knife or some kind of instrument and the being had eyes, eyes that I will never forget and that I have since seen again in similar type of night sieges. These eyes were like deep pools of water, dark and disturbing and all knowing. These beings were able to communicate through psychic means. But I didn't think that this was related to extraterrestrials. I thought this was simply another one of my paranormal experiences. I thought maybe it was a demonic attempt to get at me. I had no framework to review this experience by other than the Christian one I grew up with.

It was not a good experience. It was very dark. I have been so traumatized by this and have feared talking about it for years. Years passed with no recurrence of this, until this last year at the time I had my sightings. At 19, after this experience I started to question my traditional Lutheran beliefs. I lost several close people in my life at the same time. One of my girlfriends and spiritual mentors was brutally murdered. My questions about God and where he was in all of this really overwhelmed me. At the same time, I noticed that my premonitions and psychic abilities were increasing. I started to explore explanations for this.

At the same time I had never learned how to control the steady streams of visions and sensations I grew up with because my mom has always been afraid to talk about her own experiences. I converted to Catholicism. I studied all kinds of religion and spirituality, native traditions, Wicca, on and on. I discovered that I was able to read tarot as if I had read it before. I paid close attention to my dreams and visions. I wrote them down. Many of them have come to pass. My grandfather died when I was twenty. Prior to his death I was at school. I remember standing on the staircase and I saw him in a hospital bed. One of my friends asked me what was wrong and I said I have to leave. I got my stuff, got a taxi and took a bus to the hospital two hours away. I walked through that hospital door and my mom almost fainted. How did you know to come here? I told her and she nodded at me with that look of understanding and hugged me. She said she didn't want to burden me away at college. My grandfather died a day later. I have had so many events like this happen since then and really was lead into the helping professions as a result.

A few years later, I moved to Los Angeles. I worked with abused alot of time. One day, an unusual visitor, a man showed up on my doorstep. He said that he had seen my card at a local store for readings, but he didn't want a reading. He simply wanted to tell me something he thought I needed to know at that time. He said, "you are on the right track and more will be shared with you when you need to know it."

I know he talked to me for over an hour, but I only remember the first two minutes, and try as I wanted I could not remember his name. He said he was from Sedona, AZ, weird, very weird. Kind of like your government guy only this guy wasn't in a suit. In some ways he didn't even seem human to me. He didn't seem to have any kind of personality and was very robotic. It was at this time that Whitley Strieber published Communion with that eerie picture of a gray alien on the cover. I could not even pick the book up. I would walk to a different check out. Finally, I forced myself to confront the fear I felt over this picture and I bought the book. I thought I was a ghost story! Well the topic, was extraterrestrials and as he described his paralysis I noted the similarities to mine, but still, I thought he was a little eccentric. It seemed to weird to me, but at the same time it hit a nerve.

A few years later, I returned to Wisconsin. I met up with an old friend from school. He was on a spiritual quest as well. He was a scientologist. We were watching a show on TV or a video, I am not sure. I think it was called UFO's are real. I now know that it was done by Stan Friedman. Across the screen flash the name and date Colfax, WI 1979 I think. It seemed to correspond to the date and time of my night siege of terror. That shook me up. Another coincidence? How many can there be? Following that I had another experience.

I was working as a counselor at a local halfway house when I first moved back here from CA.. I had this dream and in it was a young woman I had been counseling. We were taken in my dream into a craft and they did surgery of some kind on us. The craft landed in the front yard of the facility. I thought, how odd nobody else sees this thing. I remember this being in white, her eyes, pools of what seemed to be tears, and she was telepathically sending me messages. Many of them had to do with catastrophic earth changes and the same theme, you will know more when you need to know it.

I dismissed it as another weird experience. I went to work the next day. It was lunch. Staff ate lunch with the residents of the facility. As conversation passed this young girl who was a resident and one of my patients at the time said out loud "I had the strangest "dream" last night, a UFO landed in our front yard and took us in it, and operated on us. I almost fainted. Coincidence, mm, you decide. At the same time I developed a terrible fear of owls, yes owls that has remained with me today.

Brian, the list goes on and on, and now this mark. I don't understand any of it. But I really would like to understand it more.

I haven't decided if this is a good or bad presence we deal with yet, and/or why? I do feel that there is an agenda of some sort kind behind this though. And it has to do with our earth, our future as the human race and our spiritual struggle. I expect that if I paid attention I would see, and probably paid attention I might see a lot of things I ignore. Frankly I am kind of afraid to look outside and stargaze after this last episode and this mark. But I am but I am submitting this because I think we all need to talk about it and perhaps amongst all of us some ideas and truths will emerge.

I wish the pictures were better. I tried to put a tape measure to it, but alone I could not do it and I wasn't going to run over and ask my neighbor as you can imagine why. But this mark measured about 1 inch. Take care and God bless.

Thank you to the person for sharing this experience with us all.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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