Cow discovered with head mutilation in Argentina

Translation (C) 2002 Scott Corrales, IHU

Source: Diario 'El Liberal' (Santiago del Estero)
Date: November 15, 2002


**At the El Oso wilderness, 33 kilometers south of Malbran**

**Animal's owner claims locals neither heard nor saw anything strange**

In the El Oso wilderness of the Aguirre department, a cow was found with mutilations to its head and genitalia. This event is quite similar to the discovery made in late June of this year in the Quimilioj pasture some 16 km south of Garza in the department of Moreno. The mutilated animal was discovered last Sunday in a field 33 km south of Malbran, and is the property of Oscar Suarez, who also owns the cow.

Suarez told El Liberal: "The cow was missing the hide off its maxillaries, its tongue and left eye, an ear and four teats, but the remainder [of the animal] was quite sound even though it had been dead for several days. He likewise stated that no locals saw or heard anything unusual several kilometers around. The owner is startled because "it's odd that no carrion animals, no vultures or crows, have turned up, which they do whenever there's a carcass present."

The cow's body was inside the El Oso ranch along an internal road that runs parallel to the barbed wire fence. "On Wednesday the 6th we let the animal out of its pen, and I found it on Sunday the 10th. It had apparently been dead for some two days."

Another detail that drew Suarez's attention is that when he returned on Wednesday to where the animal was found, it was still intact and had not yet decomposed in spite of the days elapse from its death and the intensely hot weather. Upon being consulted about the situation having happened before, Suarez was adamant: "This the first time something like it has happened in the region."

He dismissed the possibility that cattle rustlers could have been involved, "because when they are involved, they take the meat and all of the animal's useful organs for sale, but that didn't happen here, since the cow was whole with all of its hide."

As a casual remark, Oscar Suarez related that a local advised him that this could be either the work of a Martian or of the Devil, "but locals saw nothing strange."

Translation (C) 2002 Scott Corrales, IHU
Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi

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