Creature Seen In Brownfield, Texas

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Brownfield, TX, USA

Date: March 25, 1988 CST

Approach Direction: Creature came from the West side of road.

Departure Direction: Creaure went to East side of the road.

Witness Direction: North

Description: I was driving from Seminole, TX.returning to Levelland, TX ( where in November, of 1957 UFO sightings occured). (See web sight at Levelland, TX Hockley County.I had existed from Hwy 385 taking FR137. This was a short cut around the West side of town,which intersected with Hyw 385 North, going to Levelland, TX. On FR137, I passed West Hill St.A cemetary is located East side of road between West Hill St and Powell St. Headed North, between the two Sts. My two girls,10& 8 & son 6 were with me. The 10 yr old girl was in front with me,others were asleep.

Color/Shape: Black fur, wolf-like appearance. Walked on two feet, legs looked like that of a dog, or wolf. Was huntched over at the base of its neck (huntch back-like). Was as big as a well built man. Eyes glowed firey red.

Height & Speed: Moved rapidly. Crossed the road with only about four leaps. Came from the West ran to the East.

TV/Radio/Press: No news reports were filed. But, there is a story in the Brownfield, TX town about a similar creature being seen by various others.


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