Creature Seen In Brownfield, Texas

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Brownfield, TX, Terry County USA

Date: March 28, 1988 CST

Approach Direction: Came from the West side of the road.

Departure Direction: Ran to the East side of the road.

Witness Direction: Driving North.

Description: Wolf-like creature. Hutched back. Legs liken to a dog. Tall as a grown, well buildt man. Muscular appearance. Ran standing up right. Had arms like a human. Black hair all over the body. Eyes glowed bright red. Was not a dog...their eyes glow green in the dark.Moved across road in three to four leaps. Disappeared into the darkness of a cemetary, on East side of road. Whole event happened in 30-40 seconds.

Color/Shape: Wolf-like creature. Stood on back two legs looked like dogs legs.Covered in black fur.Held upper man-like arms up across chest. Huntched-back appearance.

Height & Speed: 6 feet or more. Able to leap across the road in three or four leaps. Disappeared with in 30-40 Seconds from sighting.

TV/Radio/Press: No News coverage. First time for me to relay this story. Had forgotten the event, until I read others accounts of a similar creature, and was amazed that others had also seen a similar creature. Brownfield has stories of similar sightings. I found web site of guy who saw creature too ( he's from Brownfield, but lives out of State now).


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