Location: Demerdzhi mountainous plateau, Crimea, Ukraine
Date: August 21 2005
Time: about 00 (midnight)

Reportedly, as told by 21-year old Ivan N., the group of 12 tourists, including 7 adults and 5 teenagers, was spending their second day of tour camped on the plateau between mountains Demerdzhi Northern and Stol-Gora (Table-Mountain). Several residents of Moscow were in the group. The night was very light, with the full Moon. The kids went to sleep, while the adults were yet seating in the air. Ivan's assistant Sasha (Alexander) and several more men went outside the territory of the camp "for needs". When they returned back, they were looking terrible, trembling with fear, obviously scared to death. And then all people in the group heard the frightful growl (snarl), quite close to the camp.

The men then went out of the fence, all dressed in camouflage (greenish military-style uniform); Sasha was armed with the axe.

In the next moment they saw strange creatures, looking like the "wild men" and animals at the same time, quite by near them, in several meters.

There were 3 creatures, - told Ivan, who was in about 6 meters from them, and Sasha was in 4 meters from the creatures.

Humanoids were about 2-2,5 meters in height. The real height of the entities was hard to establish, because they were half-bended and periodically seating down on the front extremities, like huge apes (monkeys). All 3 were growling.

Their faces or mugs were very dark, eyes were almost not visible, and the eyes were not shining at all. Their heads were set (positioned) very low over their shoulders, almost without necks. From behind, they had something like humps.

Sasha was standing closer, and saw the hairy creatures were covered by some lighter outgrowths (possible, with not only dark, but also light fur) on their heads and on the eyebrows, with some protrusions on their shoulders. Witnesses could not discern, of what sex they were - males or females. Creatures were displaying aggression, but not evident and open.

More looking like a curiosity. Witnesses got terribly scared. Sasha was trembling with fear. Kids went out after hearing the anomalous growl. Several kids felt hysterical state. Girls were crying with tears from fear and screaming:

"Call someone!" This crazy terror was lasting for about 40-45 minutes. Sasha then confessed that he couldn't wait more, if the encounter could last for one more minute - he said, he couldn't sustain himself to attack creatures with the axe.

All men started screaming like crazy. Finally, the strange creatures turned around and walked away in a strange manner of walking, like jumping.

Rest of the night was sleepless; people were still trembling from fear and waiting for the dawn. In the morning Ivan and others went to the place of the night incident, but unfortunately, they couldn't find any trace of mysterious night visitors amid the dense beech forest. The land there was covered by the thick layer of fallen leafs.

However, Ivan stated that their whole group of 12 people couldn't hallucinating! They also reported they filmed that scene to the video camera, but the film appeared very indistinct and poor, probably because of not enough light and also because the hands were probably trembling from fear.

Ivan couldn't understand, what has attracted the strange creatures. Tourists did not make fire. They were talking quiet that night (because kids were sleeping), their voices were hardly heard from the big distance, however, it is not known, what delicate keen ear the mysterious guests might have.

Ivan N. told that he goes to mountains for the 6th year along this route, but he never encountered anything like that before.

According to Vladimir Mel'nikov, head of the Control-Rescue Service, the mountain rescue rangers did never get any reports about encountering the "snow man" ("bigfoot" or "Ieti"-type creatures). However, rumors were circulating.

Mel'nikov stated himself that he was going to the mountains for several times, he stated he knows all most dangerous and mysterious places very well, but as he stated, he did never see anything like that.

Another version that someone wanted just to frighten the tourists dressed and disguised as the "snowmen" and behaving like them, looks ridiculous, because the place of this camp was quite remote from the villages, and what crazy jokers had to climb up the mountains amid the dead night to do that?

Another version that the creatures were mere wild monkeys (or apes) escaped from the zoo seems also ridiculous.

The entities reportedly had big height, no less than 2 meters!

Source: Irina Shahno in: "Situation" weekly newspaper, Simferopol', Crimea, #10, September 8, 2005
Type: E

Dr. Anton A. Anfalov, PhD.,
Kyibysheva Str. 13-332, Simferopol' (capital of Autonomous Republic Crimea),
95034 Ukraine,


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