As we established for many years for observations, UFOs appear over Crimean peninsula for every summer. This summer was not the exception. Just few cases from here, one of the hottest UFO-spots in Europe.

On Tuesday, June 14, 2005, at 22:30 hours of Kiev time, equal to the local time (10:30 PM), numerous witnesses on the Southern coast of Crimea peninsula saw brightly lit disk-shaped UFO, emanating bright-red light. The disk traveled midair at slow speed along the coastal line of the Black Sea near the town of Yalta and then began hovering over mountain Mogabi (804 meters over the sea level, straight southwest of Yalta, opposite Ay'-Petri mountain). The disk then emitted two bright rays of the same red light, pointed towards the earth. After that, the UFO sharply zoomed up and vanished in the night sky. Local Yalta-based newspaper "Krymskiye Izvestiya" reported about that incident only in June 22, 2005, since agitated witnesses telephoned there for many times.

Importantly, the UFOs hover over that mountain Mogabi not for the first time. UFOs were observed hovering over that mountain in 1990-1992 for several times.

We believe that some kind of the alien nano - technological device (possibly, the alien beacon and/or the tracking device, gathering information) is installed into that mountain, so aliens visited it and took information by those rays or recharged the device. Mountain Mogabi is in very good place over the city of Yalta, with clear view to all environs nearby. The very good place for installing device for "alien espionage" to accumulate information. Such devices (like alien "navigation and information beacons") are installed on the other places of our peninsula (like mountains Ayu-Dag, Demerdzhi-Nothern, etc.), and UFOs sometimes hover over those places.

On July 2 or 3, 2005, after 23 hours (11 PM) Yuriy A. Pugachyev, Simferopol'-based UFO researcher, while being on his balcony on the 5fth floor, building 88, Kievskaya street in Simferopol', saw the brightly lit object, emitting yellow light, moving across the sky, saturated by stars, from the southern coast of Crimea, over the city of Simferopol', the republican center. The witness is sure what he saw was definitely neither satellite nor airplane, because the UFO was bright and moving by zigzag trajectory. The witness also emphasized he saw several UFO's for the last years from his balcony. I also saw this disk emitting bright yellow light from its bottom for several times.

Numerous rumors circulate around ancient underground cavern bases, cities and tunnels, allegedly left from the times of "Atlantis" (that many believe used to exist in this region of Black and Azov Seas, in and near southern Ukraine and Crimean peninsula, at least, part of "Atlantis"), some of which (some parts of this underground infrastructure) are still allegedly used by aliens and UFOs from time to time.

Also there are solid rumors about "gateways" or "windows" to some parallel dimension on Ay'-Petri plateau west of the town of Yalta (where numerous UFOs are regularly observed).

Dr. Anton A. Anfalov, Crimean UFO Research
tel. (home) 380 (652) 25-66-90
ul. Kyibusheva str. 13, kv. 332
Simferopol'-34, AR Crimea, 95034 UKRAINE

UFOINFO thanks Dr. Anton A. Anfalov for the report.


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