By David Kingston
© 2004

David Kingston

A circle has no beginning and no end. This describes the enigma of the Crop Circle Formations perfectly I feel.

A mini-war has reigned for the past two decades between the researchers, croppies and the "hoaxers".

Let us attempt to differentiate between the two aspects and the feelings that people experience when they enter the two types. I know a large majority of the farmers, landowners are not pleased and do not differentiate between the two as they both draw people onto their land.

Man-made formations.       Genuine Phenomena.
1) A feeling of awe and elation. The same.
2) A "spiritual awaking". The same.
3) A positive feeling. The same.
4) Effect us on a subtle energy level. The same.
5) A "feeling of spiritual knowing". The same.
6) None, only damage Changes in the plant and soil structures.
7) "Balls of Light" "Balls of Light"
8) None that I am aware of. Sounds (see this page)
9) None that I am aware of. Dowsable energies.

The above are my personal findings, I stand to be corrected. The more "seasoned researcher" will, I know, beg to differ at this point but I am referring to the "new-comer", a first time visitor, to this beautiful phenomena, one who is totally innocent and knows nothing about the crop circles.

To "high-light" my point we need to go back in time to the very early 1990's as I feel that now is the right time to release this information but I will still respect the confidences I gave then. I attended a Crop Circle conference in London where there became a "heated" discussion on the matter of the hoaxers and the way they were affecting the enigma between the hoaxers and the "croppies". I managed to get one of the well known hoaxers and to carry out a confidential interview with me. For that reason I will not disclose the hoaxer's names.

Me: "Where do you obtain the ideas or designs that you "lay out" in the field"?

Hoaxer: "Well .pause... They just come to me or I look in books".

Me: "How do you and the group feel about the way you "con" the public."

Hoaxer: "We don't claim that the formation is genuine it is up to the public to decide what they feel in regards to our "land art/designs."

Me: "What made you become one of the hoaxers?"

Hoaxer: "I have always been interested in art and thought that was the best way to get a large audience; you know the media are "gobbling" this entire crop circle business up, and is does my ego good"

Me: "What do you really think of the whole of the crop circle business, your attempts beside?"

Hoaxer: "I don't really know, there have been some strange things that have happened to us?"

Me: "Can you explain what you mean by "strange things?"

Hoaxer: "Well we were in a field stomping out a design one night and from the other end of the field three balls of light came zooming towards us, we were scared "sh**less" and ran out of the field." This has happened several times over the years but we are not scared any more of them."

Me: "I am going to interview another friend of yours later, is there anything I should ask him?"

Hoaxer: "If you are interested in coincidences try asking him why he has decided to hang up his stomping board."

Later that day I tracked down the second hoaxer, an American, who was rather more hesitant about relaying his story but did so provided I offered him total anonymity. I explained to him what I had discussed with the previous hoaxer and asked if he would like to comment or elaborate.

Second hoaxer: "Well I do not believe in coincidences or anything paranormal with my logical and analytical training."

Me: "Can you explain for me what you are referring to as I have no idea apart from the fact that you had some experience of a kind which you can not explain away."

Second hoaxer: "It was early this year, I'd better explain to you how I decide on a design and then you can judge for yourself if you believe me or not."

Me: "Okay go ahead then."

Second hoaxer: "Well we usually met up as a group in my London flat about a week before the event was to take place and decided on a shape and a field; we then usually met up at The Wagon and Horses pub on the evening in question before going to our location. Imagine my shock on a couple of occasions when we arrived at the field only to find the formation that we had decided upon already done in the crop."

Me: "I suggest that one of your team was "having you on."

Second hoaxer: "That is what I thought was happening. I decided to turn the tables on the group and catch the out."

Me: "What did you do"?

Second hoaxer: "As I said that happened a couple of times and although the team swore they had not made the formation prior to me meeting them I was more than suspicious and decided to prove my point. One night I sat in my flat totally alone and decided to "come up" with a design that I only would know of. I drew it out and the next day telephoned the team and asked them to meet me at our local "watering hole," The Wagon and Horses he went on to explain.

Me: "Were you confident that you could catch them out if it was them creating your design."

Second hoaxer: "Yes, for sure. We met up at the pub and I went on to explain how I had come up with a design I thought would make a great crop circle. There were protests from the team and excuses such as we did not bring any equipment, what field were they going to use etc... I put there minds at rest and stated that I had all the equipment in my car and had chosen a location. I was sure as hell I'd caught them out. After awhile and another drink I had persuaded them. I felt elated; at last I could turn the tables on them. Imagine my amazement when we arrived at the field and there was my own design laid out in the field as a formation."

Me: "Is there no way they could have found out."

Second hoaxer: "Absolutely not, nobody knew of that design but myself, I was extra careful as I wanted to turn the tables on the team instead I think they felt I was "fooling around" with them. I'm not sure if I'm going to make anymore crop circles; I shall be interested to see what materialises in the future but I'm back off to the states soon."

Me: "Is that a true account of what happened"?

Second hoaxer: "Yep, gospel."

So at the end of the day what are we left with? Very simply, geometric shapes in our landscape that bring pleasure to people through non-verbal communication. We know each year that a great number are man-made. A large part of the phenomena is as a result of the individual, whether the "human circle makers" are aware or not the sub-conscious part of the brain interacts with and becomes part of the formation. I became very much aware of events which opened up a whole new area of research. Early one sunny day in January 1994, my wife and I were driving along the Dorchester bypass and she commented on how great it would be to have a formation "appear" on the hill we were driving past, it would be there for everyone to see she had commented. I asked her if she had a particular shape in mind and she answered, I think it will be a pyramid type, she had replied. Imagine our total surprise later that year when a formation appeared fitting the exact description that my wife had given me. Especially as we had not discussed this with anybody at all.

Was my wife creating the formation, was she some how able to "pick-up" on something that was to occur several months in the future?

I didn't know but decided to carry out some experiments, thus Project X was born. Although the experiment was not 100% scientific it did answer some of my questions.

Very briefly I sought the assistance of people who I felt I could trust from around the world, asked them to meditate on any shape they chose from the period October until the following January. I then requested that the drawing of the shape was posted to me, via snail mail, I then handed the envelopes to my bank, date stamped, unopened for safe keeping. In the October each year I would collect them from my bank, open them and see how many shapes had materialised. I was disappointed when I found only one shape had appeared in a formation that year. The experiment was carried out for a further two years with slightly improved results. Earlier this year I was forwarded the research that Russian scientists can been involved in for a number of years now and at last the results have has been published: I felt quite excited after reading their findings, at present I am in two minds whether to restart "Project X" again. Has the genetic "blue-print" from a distant memory manifested itself in the present? Are the hoaxers drawing their formations from this distant memory and thus placing it in the fields un-knowingly?

So at this time in present what are we left with?

How and what has the phenomena of the crop circles effected mankind?

Remember these are my personal beliefs and you are more than welcome to challenge or add your own comments. I may be an ageing "hippy" but still have the same active, searching brain that I had all those years ago in 1976. I have found that the more questions you ask the more there are to be answered. Sometimes we can be too logical, too analytical, and we do not accept the formations for what they really are. Beautiful, awe-inspiring shapes, affecting our psyche on a level for which there are no answers only subtle changes occurring within us. Each geometric shape creates subtle energy changes which effect changes in all who visit the formations whether we are aware of it at the time. This in turn affects the way we react to our environment, bringing about changes to our world. Let us hope it is for the better of man-kind, a positive, peaceful, loving world. Remember change is a constant and we create the direction of it, we are the creators, consciously or it positive or negative, for we are totally responsible for our own actions.

David (webmaster)
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