Cynthia Hind Passes Away/UFO AFRINEWS Ceases Publication

The following sad news was received today from Maria Sullivan, Assistant Editor of UFO AFRINEWS

Dear John Hayes,

This is to advise you that sadly, Cynthia Hind died on August 21st, after a very short illness. Mercifully, she passed away peacefully in her sleep and did not linger on in pain or suffering.

I'm sure you will miss this vibrant, caring, talented woman -- writer, raconteur, brilliant communicator and a UFO investigator respected world-wide.
With her death, UFO AFRINEWS comes to an end, 12 years after it first saw the light in July 1988.

I would appreciate it if you could put an item to that effect in UFOINFO. Many thanks.


Maria Sullivan

I was only in contact with Cynthia a few times and found here to be extremely friendly, polite and helpful. Her death from cancer has come as a great shock to me as it has to many others in the 'UFO world.'

John Hayes.
Webmaster UFOINFO
August 27th 2000

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