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Dark Ages 101 - Reporting the Paranormal

By Chris Holly

I was pushed over the edge with this subject after receiving this email from one of my readers:

My name is Khris I'm 36 years old and live in New York. The reason I'm writting to you is that when I was about 14 years old a friend and I were playing in a huge sump near where we lived. We noticed something in the sky that looked just like a UFO from the movies.

It was about mid afternoon- 1 or 2 pm. Here is where it gets weird. I don't remember how but we ended up two miles from the sump with our bicycles with the same UFO above us. It was like on second we were straddling our bikes looking up at this UFO down at the sump and in a blink we were still straddling our bikes but now two miles away from the sump!

We got on our bicycles and started to ride with the UFO following us for a few seconds- then took off really fast. It was almost like they were seeing if we were OK. I felt really shaken up and scared.

We rode our bikes to our local pizza shop and called the police. It was now getting dark. It was the summer so it had to be around 7pm. How we got from late afternoon to early evening was a mystery to us. We were really confused and frightened. When the police came we told them what happened. I think they thought we were playing a joke. But it was no joke. During those 4 to 5 hours between 2pm and 7pm I have no clue what happened or where we were.

The police were not interested and we felt humiliated as they dismissed and ignored us so my friend and I went home. We talked about it a few times but we never told anybody. Things were different between us after this incident occurred and eventually my friend and I we went our separate ways. To this day I have not really told anyone, not even my wife. It's always on my mind.

This is without question the story of two young boys who were obviously taken and returned. These abductions seem to take place regularly all over the globe. What I want to point out with this article is not that of abduction but the reaction of the police who responded to these frightened boys.

In the case of these two young boys who were confused and frightened the fact of the matter is that they were brushed off and treated off handed when they called the police for help. Instead of considering the boys just had a dangerous and dreadful experience they were treated as if they were pulling off a big joke and sent on their way without help or consideration. The fact is that the two boys had just experienced an incredible event just a short distance from where they now all were standing- was just dismissed.

The fact that the police just brushed this event off and ignored these kids has to be addressed. Realize next time it may be your children who find they are in the same situation. Would you want them helped or ridiculed? The police in this instance did not even have the decency to see that the two badly shaken boys made their way home.

When I was a teenager I also had a sighting. It was beautiful and spectacular as well as the most horrifying ordeal of my young life all rolled into one.

I was traumatized and terrified by the event. The last thing I needed was to be told I was insane or to be laughed at and silenced however that is exactly how my family and I were treated.

My parents tried to report my sighting and experience. In my case many others in my town had also seen the strange craft the night I did.

Along with the police the Air Force joined in the visits to the families who tried to report the event. Basically we were all told we should not discuss this silliness any further. The visits and calls from the so called investigating Air Force officials did frighten the parents of those involved and the event was soon brushed under the rug and forgotten. That is how it was handled and no one questioned it or had the courage to fight the response of those who were supposed to be protecting us.

Of course those who were abducted that day or clearly saw the craft that day will never forget the experience however we were all warned not to talk about it. Those who did were quickly dealt with by being ridiculed and humiliated. You were immediately accused of wanting attention. For a shy teenager being placed in such a painful light secured the fact we would remain silent.

Soon this extreme event simply slipped away with out questions, investigation or even community interest for a potentially dangerous situation. The publics taught sheep like response to UFO sightings and reports of abduction is to ignore and make those doing the reporting feel ridiculous and embarrassed. This response still stands today.

To prove my point that we have been brainwashed into an insane view concerning those who see and experience the unknown I will add the story of a New York policeman who had a sighting back in the 1990's.

While out in his car patrolling his routine area a young police officer came face to face with a hovering UFO directly over his police cruiser in a deserted warehouse area in a populated area on the south shore of Long Island in Nassau county.

Often during his nightly routine this policeman would drive through the back streets of this area, which was deserted.

This particular night in November while on his normal patrol of this deserted area he encountered a huge UFO. The police officer never called in the sighting and refuses to give his name or talk about what happened that night due to the fact he fears it would seriously carry a negative influence on his ability to move forward in the police force if he admitted what he saw and experienced. I think this is the ultimate in ridiculous reaction to this subject.

When the police even refuse to admit what they are encountering due to an embedded fear of rejection and harm to those who do- I think we need to address the fact we are all being controlled. When it comes to the experiences, sightings and abductions taking place in the area we consider the unknown we are in trouble when even the police fear the truth.

As long as we allow this to go on we will continue to be placed in harms way, left to hang on our own with these on- going events that only stay unknown as we refuse to deal with and face them.

We as a society allow this to happen and willingly accept this insane reaction from the very people we hire and pay to protect us from that which may bring us harm.

I do not understand this reaction to something so frightening and unknown by society. Why do we allow our police, military and governments whose mission is to protect us to ignore and harass us during our time of need in these matters is beyond me? Why we allow this treatment when we should be protected is as big a mystery concerning the sightings of these unknown crafts and lost time abductions!

Thankfully we have sites like the one you are reading this article that have taken a stand against this sheep like response to things we need to understand.

I think we can all agree that it is perfectly clear unless we all stand up to this abuse by those who should be actively protecting us all this reaction will remain the same.

Until we stand up and make it clear these events are not silly little sightings- but events where people are being taken without permission against their will. They are also reports of things being in our airspace and communities that do not belong there. Do you all find these things so funny and silly? If it were you or your child would these events be such a laughing howl to you?

I believe the way we now go about these subjects is very dangerous and frankly ignorant. Our handling of this subject matter is far too Dark Ages for my thinking.

The fact we laugh off these sightings and events that are happening to our citizens and children is incredulous if not criminal. I think we need to start to react to this and break out of this brain dead abuse we allow concerning things we do not understand.

By statistics I believe most missing people do surface once again making the actual percent of those who are never seen again lower than the total gone missing numbers each year. The problem for me is that there still seems to remain a large number of people who do remain missing and do seem to simply vanish from the face of the earth. I imagine in areas of the world that are suffering from war and chaos these numbers are much higher. I am sure many of these people have been victims of some murderous deed, however I also think a portion of those who go missing never to return have been taken.

Looking at the entire big picture you can see how uncivil we as a society approach the subjects of the paranormal. Those who endure, encounter and experience a sighting or close encounter or abductions are treated as lepers by what is suppose to be a technically advanced society. We seem to be very happy staying dumbed down and numb to subjects we simply are yet to understand. Of course with this approach we will remain ignorant to the route of these things, which in my opinion is very dangerous and simply not acceptable.

If I am taken against my will or see a craft over my house that I know is not from this world - I want help and swift reaction from those in this country who are suppose to protect me. If my child or family goes through a terrifying event and fears what did or could happen to them again I want those I go to for protection to listen and help not ridicule and ignore me or my family. Don't you?

I think everyone should re-consider the reaction to these situations by those who protect and defend us. It is outrageous when it comes to the area of UFO's and Aliens they simply refuse to do their jobs. It is not the best joke in town and it is not something to scoff at or reject. I would say those actions are reckless, foolish and extremely dangerous for us all- yet these are the reactions we willingly accept ant put up with?

Know in life that it is not always the other guy things happen to and never you! Eventually along this road of life we all have our turn in the barrel and all experience events that seem to take us by total shock and surprise.

This area of unknown craft sightings and alien beings is becoming more mainstream by the day. Millions all over the globe are seeing and encountering things they never thought they would. The odds are you or someone you know and love will be one of the growing millions who encounter these events. Don’t you think it would be better for you and those you care about if this growing area of obvious reality was handled instead of laughed at by those you pay to protect and help you?

The next time someone is treated with distain for calling in a sighting or reporting being taken against their will do not ignore it or worse- join in the witch hunt. Instead stand up and start to pull us all out of this Dark Age attitude and back the person.

Become outraged at those who refuse to investigate or protect the victim and demand a reaction when a sighting is reported that is at least a investigation and not a look the other way response by the police and or military. You and yours may be the next to face the unknown. Do not allow this Dark Age (no response) to continue. Get mad as hell and refuse to take it any longer!

Stand together people and demand better treatment and reaction to these matters by your agencies that exist to protect you not humiliate you. It is up to us all to stand up and move towards truth and safety with these growing issues.

I think standing with bags on our heads while those who should protect us point fingers and have a laugh at those who need our help and concern simply barbaric and backwards.

Consider standing together and demanding the respect and service from those hired to protect us instead of ridicule and humiliation. It is time for us to stand together, wise up and become mad as hell at these things and to simply demand a new day and new way!

Decide when your day comes and you are looking hard and fast into the eyes of the unknown how you want to be treated after you endure your event. Do you really want to be tormented and rejected? My bet is you will want real help and real protection.

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved


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