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Dreams Become A Reality

Mr. Vike

I am sending you some attachments of scoop marks, laser cuts, and skin grafts that my wife and I have found on ourselves over the last couple of years. I think that you will find these very intriguing. I have more photos but I am having a hard time finding them all. I can't find the ones of the finger prints that looked like burn marks on my left forearm. But I will tell you an interesting story relating to some of the photo's I am sending you.

This story has to do with another dream that I think is more reality than a dream. I dreamed that I woke up in a hospital room while I was laying on my back. I had an I.V. in my arm and one in my neck. I looked around the room and to my right, there was a beautiful blonde, female nurse standing on a ladder adjusting the curtains that covered the hospital room window.

Once I noticed the I.V. in my arm, I got angry and I jerked it out, then I jerked the other one out of my neck. The nurse heard me stirring in bed, then she looked down from the ladder and saw me pulling the I.V.'s out. Then she said "OH! Hell!" and started climbing down the ladder to stop me. I looked over to my left side and my wife was in another bed beside mine. She too had I.V.'s in her arm and the side of her neck.

So I jumped out of bed started jerking the I.V.'s out of her arm and tried to wake her up. She had this long skinny needle sticking out of her neck, so I jerked it out too. Then the nurse pressed a button on the intercom in the room and she said, "We have a code Red (not exact code), I repeat, we have a code Red." Then I tried to wake my wife up, but she was completely out of it. Then the nurse said, "Come on Mr. Wilson, every things going to be OK. You need to go back to bed now." But I panicked and I tried to run out of the room.

The room was huge. I would say that it was at least 20 x 30 feet. I say that because just as I got to the door when a man stepped into the room through the doorway. He was dressed in a leather suit that resembled the armor that knights wore. He had thick pieces of leather that covered every part of his body, including his crotch. I told you before that I have a couple of degrees in different forms of Karate. So, I thought that it was kind of humorous when he said, "Come on Mr. Wilson, you don't want to do this." Even as he said that, I got the impression that he had dealt with me before and the suit was made to protect him.

Then the scene changed and I was sitting on a box covered in carpet in a different room. The nurse was on the left side of me and the man in the suit was restraining me from behind. Then a military officer dressed in a blue uniform, complete with bars and medals approached me. He had a jar of peanut butter in his hand and he dipped a spoon in it. Then he walked right up in front of me with a big old grin on his face and said, "OK. Mr. Wilson, it's time to forget." Then I woke up from the dream.

After I awoke, the dream was so vivid that I woke up my wife to find out if she could remember anything, then I asked her if I could look at her neck. Immediately I noticed the scratch marks on her neck and a raised indention that was in the same spot that I jerked the needle out of. I said, "Don't move." Then I jumped out of bed and grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. The whole time I was taking pictures, she was saying, "What? What is it?"

So, I told her about my weird dream, then I asked her if she remembered anything. She told me that she didn't remember anything about a hospital room, but she told me about a weird dream that she had too. She said that some short beings had taken her to a futuristic city and she was on a moving sidewalk like a conveyor belt, looking down on the city. She said that there were moving sidewalks that went from one building to the next. She said that it was too hard to describe, but the buildings looked like transparent glass of all different shapes and sizes and colors. Now this is important, because my wife very seldom remembers her dreams and she swears to this day, that she has never had an experience with abductions or even seen a UFO.

After my wife got up, she took a shower. Then she called me into the bathroom to show me a strange mark on her right shin. She noticed it when she was shaving her legs. The mark looked like two flags crossing each other and it looked like it had been grafted out of her skin. She also had a strange mark the size of dime up above it. You can see them in the photos provided. If you look closely you can even see the bruising that surrounds the mark. So, once again, I grabbed the camera and started snapping away.

Then I took a shower and got dressed. After I put on my socks I could feel a stinging sensation on my shin so I started to scratch it. I noticed the mark on my shin. Mine looked like a thin laser cut about one half inch long. After I got the pictures back and scanned them into my computer I noticed the bare spot above the laser cut. If you look closely, the scar almost looks like a perfect circle that has been burned into my shin or skin that has been grafted out. I also noticed that no hair is growing in the scar. This is the same shin that used to have a BB like object under the skin until it disappeared on day.

I also had a another dream that involved a military officer and aliens a few months before. But I will tell you that story later if you are still interested. I am also sending you a copy of my Taxi Permit and my temporary pass to the Good Fellow Air force Base in San Angelo.

There is so much more to tell you, that I have to do it in bits and pieces, because I don't want to overwhelm you with too much to read. I wouldn't mind doing another interview with you but so much has happened to me over the last few years that this only scratches the surface. Until next time, Carl.

[Please note that this report is a direct follow-up by Brian Vike to the 1974 : Fort Stockton, Texas sighting report.

Possible Laser Cut (Enhanced Image)

Closeup Needle Mark And Scratches On Wifes Neck

Closeup Of Wife's Shin With Mark

Closeup Of Wife's Shin With Mark (Sharpened Image)

Mark - Possible Scoop On Wife's Shin

Mark - Possible Scoop On Wife's Shin 2

Needle Mark And Scratches On Wife's Neck

Possible Laser Cut 2

Possible Laser Cut 3

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