ISSUE NO. 1 - AUGUST 9, 2005


On Wednesday, August 3, 2005, at 8:50 pm, a 16-year old student and 7 other witnesses spotted a cylinder shaped object near a residental area in Tiel [Dutch province Gelderland]. The object was completely stationary for 5 minutes, before it slowly descended and went out of site. The UFO didn't reflect any light. "I had the feeling being watched," reported the student.

On Wednesday, August 3, 2005, at 0:45 am, a 34-year old textile worker spotted a strange white object in the sky. From her home in Heestert [Belgian province West-Vlaanderen] she saw a slowly moving object, that suddenly stopped. The object began 'dancing' through the sky, making 'controlled' movements, sometimes moving in circles or triangles. The night before the eyewitness spotted a similar object. When an airliner approached, the UFO took another direction.

'Chantal', a 16-year old schoolgirl from Den Helder [Dutch province Noord-Holland] recounted her childhood sighting. In July 1999, the then 10-year old girl was helping her Mom hanging out the washing. "I was dancing in circles, while watching the sky. Suddenly i saw it hanging in the air straight in front of me, i yelled 'Mommy, look!!!'. My Mom dropped the laundry basket and was completely dazed. It was a huge object that seemed to came forward out of the sky, like someone in a movie who is 'invisible', but where you can still see the outlines. After a few seconds it disappeared. I'll never forget it," the witness reported. The UFO was using some kind of 'camouflage' to blend into its surroundings, like a chameleon. "It was spherical like some kind of saucer, but gigantic. I spotted some square hatches or windows around the front," recounted the girl, who said the object disappeared like a 'drop in a full glass of water.'


On Sunday, June 19, 2005, at 10:10 pm, a 24-year resident from Uitgeest [dutch province Noord-Holland] took a picture of a disc shaped object using her Sony digital camera [resolution 2592x1944]. It disappeared as sudden as it appeared. Although the object looks like a huge 'orb' the witness was able to see it with the naked eye.

Uitgeest photo

In the night of Sunday to Monday, July 17-18, 2005, a 49-year old anaesthetist from Leeuwarden [dutch province Friesland] witnessed a stationary flashing UFO beneath the clouds, which made fast irregular movements from time to time. He photographed the object using his cheap Medion digital camera [resolution 2272x1704].

Leeuwarden photo


'Etienne', a Dutch teen, who wishes to stay anonymous, reported an abduction-like experience to the Dutch alien abduction support group SolAAS. "Last night [August 3] I was lying in bed, when i suddenly heard my sister in the room next to me yelling she saw a zig zagging ball of light outside. She shouted: "Etienne, come look, there's a UFO!" I responded it's nothing, that she should go to sleep and shouldn't keep me awake. So i fell asleep - i don't know what happened in the mean time - and suddenly awoke. I was floating some centimeters above my bed and looked at my window. I saw a strong light and heard a strange sound. My whole body was suddenly paralysed and i couldn't move anything. Everything began to spin around me. I got dizzy and called my Mom, but i couldn't speak or shout. After a few seconds the light and sound were gone and i fell back into bed and was able to move and talk again. I was then wide awake."

The witness also reported to have experienced ringing in the ears and a sudden interest in UFO phenomena. Expect more detailed abduction reports next newsflash.


During January and February 1974 hundreds of witnesses and police officers spotted UFO's above the Dutch northern province Friesland and the West Frisian Islands. The sightings took place in and round the town of Gorredijk. In several villages night watches were being hold. A proper explanation for the many UFO reports has never been given.

A 31-year old woman farmer from Gorredijk recently reported a new UFO sighting in the area and some strange recurring UFO dreams. In March 2005 she witnessed a white disc shaped object flying on its side. The silent UFO moved slanting over her house. The witness lives near the Liphusterheide (heath), where according to her UFOs landed during the above mentioned UFO wave. Lately she has strange dreams about UFO's. "I dream that they follow me wherever i am, large metal dishes," the woman reported. The witness felt forced to look outside, when the UFO approached. Probably the Oz Factor was involved.


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