ISSUE NO. 2 - AUGUST 23, 2005


Springtime 2005, a 50-year old resident from the village Ruinen [Dutch province Drenthe] witnessed a luminous stationary UFO at the edge of a wood. Like every evening the witness was walking round 9 pm to her paddock in the mid-forest, when she suddenly spotted a bright stationary light in the northwest. She decided to turn off her flashlight, so she wouldn't be noticed. After walking to the edge of the forest, she had a clear view of the UFO. The light emission was stable and she couldn't detect any details on the soundless object. Suddenly she got the feeling being watched 'like being looked at by other people' after which the light disappeared at once.

On a cloudy Saturday, August 13, 2005, from approx. 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm, over 20 residents from Brummen [Dutch province Gelderland] witnessed UFOs in formation:

An 18-year old student reported that she, her girlfriends, and her family, witnessed two bright orange objects, moving fluently from south to north in a straight line with an in-between distance of a few hundred meters. Her girlfriend first noticed the objects at 10:20 pm, shouting 'Look, look, strange lights in the sky!', after which she informed her family.

A few blocks away, a 52-year old cleaning woman, her family and neighbours, were barbecuing, when at 10:35 pm she suddenly spotted a strange light approaching at high speed. Soon all 5 witnesses looked in the direction she pointed out. It appeared to be a group of two UFOs moving from south to north. One witness grabbed his camera and was able to capture a second group of two UFOs. These objects were moving behind each others instead of side by side. Through glasses one witness noticed the objects 'were sphere shaped with two rounds in the centre and sharp triangles'. When they thought all objects had passed by, a single object flashed by in the same direction.

A 23-year old graphic designer also witnessed the UFOs. He noticed that one object 'came to a complete stop after which the one behind slid beneath it'.

More about this massive UFO sighting next newsflash.

On Monday, August 15, 2005, around midnight, a 15-year old student and her little sister were going to stay the night at their neighbour's house in Stokrooie, Hasselt [Belgian province Limburg]. When the 15-year old reached the garden path, that connects the two backyards, she spotted a luminous object above the house of opposite neighbours. Her sister also noticed the object. "The disc shaped object was circulating at high speed, approx. two a three meters above the roof ridge. It emitted a yellowish hazy light," the witness reported. When they reached the neighbour's house, the object had disappeared.


Pictures taken of the UFOs in Brummen (read above) with a FujiFilm FinePix E500 digital camera [resolution 2304x1728].

Brummen photo 1

EXIF time 10:00:01 pm

Brummen photo 2

EXIF time 10:21:34 pm

Brummen photo 3

EXIF time 10:22:09 pm


From this newsflash on I'll report about the ongoing alien abduction experiences of a very sincere and sensible 39-year old Dutch woman, who is part of the Dutch abductee support group SolAAS.

"My earliest memory is when I'm three years old. I'm in my bedroom, but suddenly I'm no longer there. I'm lying on a bed and next to me lies another person in another bed: a man obviously afraid, who tries to signal me, but can't move. He looks at me and tries to say something. I feel very afraid, get off the bed and try to run away. I want to go to my Mom, but then an entity approaches, who takes me back and gives me something to drink. Then I'm more calmed down. I incline to think the entity is female, but I'm not sure. It's like I'm not able to see it, but 'she' doesn't frighten me. The next moment I'm on the landing of my house and go quickly to my parents, who are asleep. I'm scared and don't want to go to my room anymore. I don't understand why they didn't see anything. I was only three..."

Q: Can you tell a bit more about this entity and the room you're in?

"The room I find myself in as a 3-year old is to my mind a 'hospital' and that's why the female entity is a 'nurse' in my opinion. She has a light white skin color and dark eyes, but i don't further look at her. She feels ok and calms me down. There are attributes in the room, medical devices and everything is very white and bright. But after I get scared it looks like I'm outside: the same interior but a peaceful outside atmosphere, very strange."

Q: What's the next experience you remember?

"When i'm older I get more nightly visits, but i 'm not so fraid anymore. It's always the same entity, who somehow reassures me. Also my room often 'disappears' and then I find myself somewhere else."

Q: Can you tell a bit more about this entity?

"This entity is a smaller one, a bit of Asiatic. He is a kind of mentor to me, who teaches among other things how to ease my mind and how to control pain. It sounds weird, but he let's me 'float', what I found the most enjoying thing as a kid. He also teaches me how to travel with my mind. I could see my parents in the room below, without them seeing me. The next day I told them where they were talking about, what was correct. I thought this all was very normal until others pointed out it was not so common at all."

Continued in next newsflash.


October last year Prof. Dr. Willem (Wim) de Graaff, a professor emeritus of Astronomy and Physics, passed away. De Graaff was involved in Dutch UFO research since the Sixties. Through the Dutch 'Wet Openbaarheid van Bestuur' - the Dutch equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act - and with help of the dutch UFO study group NOBOVO, he gained access to two military bunkers in Waalsdorp, a village near The Hague. Reportedly the best Dutch UFO material is secretly kept there for closer examination, including pictures, movies, radar images and UFO reports from pilots among others.


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