As reported last newsflash a massive UFO-sighting occurred August 13 in the Dutch eastern town of Brummen. More witnesses reported their sighting lately. A 28-year saleswoman and her boyfriend witnessed the UFOs in their backyard. "It resembled the fire usually seen in hot air balloons ... although it clearly wasn't a fireball nor balloon," she reported. The UFOs were also seen from the nearby village of Doesburg. The possibility of mini hot air balloons causing this small flap is being researched.

A 44-year old resident from Lommel [Belgian province Limburg] reported an interesting late 70s winter sighting. From a rural area near the town of Maaseik he and five family members witnessed a large sphere shaped UFO. The stationary object suddenly started to move several times from the right to the left over a 200m distance, after which it slowly descended behind some trees. While descending the object emitted a purplish glow. Few days later a newspaper article appeared about a 'mysterious red sphere'.

On Monday, August 19, 2005, at 9 pm, two witnesses including a plane-expert from Kerkrade [Dutch southern province Limburg] spotted a yellow-orange sphere, zigzagging with high speed to the German border. Apparently a plane also noticed the UFO, while it went chasing it. After some time watching the UFO there was a sudden bang. "Two objects fell down, round and burning," the witnesses reported. The day before similar UFOs were seen 4 km further on.


Since July 2005 brothers Marc and Reza van Druten (both in their 30s) captured numerous UFOs on tape above their place of residence in Baarn [Dutch central province Utrecht]. Pictures are taken without flash using Sony digital cameras and are zoomed in alot (!).

Photo of alleged orbs/UFOs

More pictures (mainly of orbs) at www.ufodewaarheid.com


Ongoing abduction experiences of a 39-year old Dutch woman, continued from last newsflash.

Q: You mentioned your room seemed to 'disappear'. Can you elaborate on that?

"My room always changed into the same space. It seemed they could see in my head how i wanted to be it. First it was a large hall, very bright with large lights. Later on it was adapted and more comfortable, very strange."

Q: Did you have any negative experiences with entities?

"Yes, when I was older. On a Sunday afternoon I was lying on the sofa with my 1-year old watching tv. A penetrating humming sound scares me and I become very frightened. My child is in deep sleep and everything seems to stand still. I know someone is present and indeed... an entity is coming down the stairs right to me. This entity is wearing a dark cloak and looks at me with piercing eyes. I don't want to look at him, but I'm physically paralysed, it's like I'm being pulled away. Mentally I try to resist, fraid as I am I want to protect my baby. Eventually I'm able to break loose and I crawl to the phone, whereupon the entity withdraws. But first I had a vision of my father in a heavenly blue outfit, why I don't know." Some kind of mind projection? More next newflash.


In 1977 a deadly crash in the Northsea took place - reportedly during an 1v1 ACM exercise - with a F-4 Phantom of the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron stationed at Vliegbasis Soesterberg, an air force base in the centre of The Netherlands known for its many UFO sightings. According to the brother of one of the deceased first lieutenants the F-4 crashed during the interception of a disc shaped UFO, first seen at the base and later reported in local newspapers. Upon recovery of the casco the F-4 had a live warload, never used during ACM exercises. A few years later the base was visited again by UFOs. The military UFO sightings were researched by the late Prof. Dr. Wim de Graaff.


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