ISSUE NO. 4 - SEPTEMBER 21, 2005


In the end of August several UFOs were seen in the Dutch eastern province of Overijssel. The local paper 'De Stentor' reported about several sightings on Wednesday, August 31. A family from Assendorperdijk witnessed at 9:40 pm several circulating lights. Twenty minutes later, at 10 pm, a sphere shaped object was seen above Hardenberg.

We also received sighting reports from the same day. A 54-year old engineering teacher from Haaksbergen spotted at 10:20 pm three disc shaped objects. The soundless UFOs had a outer ring with red shading to yellow. They moved at high speed from southeast to northeast.

A 31-year old IT advisor and his friend witnessed round 11 pm a UFO in Zwolle, the capital city of the province. The soundless object moved so fast that they hardly noticed it. It had a 'asymmetrical arrow shape' with orange lights.

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Few minutes later a sphere shaped light moved from west to east at the same speed. The objects flew out of sight behind some houses.


On Saturday, September 17, 2005, at 10:40 pm, a 17-year old student from Hoogeveen took a picture of four sphere shaped objects in a hazy orange fog near a festival terrain in Gramsbergen [Dutch province Overijssel], using his Nokia 6230i mobile phone [resolution 1280x1024]. He didn't see them with the naked eye. We're considering the possibility of an internal lens reflection (lens flare). (maan = moon, bolletjes = spheres)

Photo taken in Gramsbergen


Ongoing abduction experiences of a 39-year old Dutch woman, continued from last newsflash.

Q: Did you have more strange experiences at that time?

"First let me say that the cloaked entity left a deep impression while it was much present, both physically and mentally. In the same time I frequently woke up black and blue, without a reason. Also bruises and scars on the inside of my thighs. After some visitor's dreams I bled like menstruation had started. There were also blood remains on my pillow, and in my mouth and nose. One pregnancy suddenly ended without a miscarriage. The doctor called it a 'missing abortion'." A lot of female Dutch abductees report missing abortions, also referred to as Missing Fetus Syndrome.


On June 30, 1955, at 7:45 p.m., the crew of the Dutch cargo ship 'Gadila' observed a strange luminous object resembling a 'burning plane' over the sea not far from the island of Pantelleria, in the Mediterranean Sea. But the 'plane' did not crash in the water. Suddendly it stopped in the sky, and then it began to move like a pendulum before disappearing after 16 minutes. Another cargo ship observed the strange luminous 'cigar'. The phenomenon was radioed from the 'Gadila' to the 'Dirkzwager' Sea Agency. Also mentioned in Project Blue Book.


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