Elk mutilation in New Mexico

Report from Brian Vike

Hello Brian. I have enjoyed your articles on Rense, and thought perhaps you would be interested in my story, or could point me to someone who would care to investigate.

I live about 10 miles east of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, in a rural subdivision bordered by the Lincoln National Forest. On Nov. 28, 2003 at about 1pm I was walking my Akita Nikki in the National Forest and came upon a dead elk laying in a shallow ravine. The elk was no more than 200 yards from our subdivision, and perhaps half a mile from my house. There is a substantial elk population in the area, and sightings are not unusual. The dead elk was a small one, the length of which from chest to rear end perhaps 4 feet, and weighing maybe 400-600 pounds. Rigor mortis was full and complete. There was no apparent bloating. Nor was there any evidence the elk had been gutted by a hunter, as there was no apparent longitudinal incision on the lower abdomen/chest area. The head had been removed, as if cut from the body right where the neck joins the body, and the vertebrae stuck out from the cut area about 6 inches or so, ending in a smoothly sliced vertebrae. So far one would suspect a trophy hunter possibly who just killed for the head to mount on their wall, eh? However, I believe this elk to be much too small to have had any significant antlers (maybe no antlers at all).

Now for the really interesting part. As you can see by the photo I am sending you, the rectum of this elk has been smoothly cored out. Further, the genitals have been removed, and there is no obvious way to tell the sex of this animal. The removal of the genitals could be attributable to animals perhaps (we have mountain lions and bears, as well as coyotes) as the removal does not appear to have been in such a clean, surgical fashion upon my limited observation. I will allow you to draw your own conclusions.

You may reach me via email, or at (deleted by HBCC UFO) for any further info I failed to give you. I will be happy to assist further in any way, plus provide additional photos. Also, if it will lend credence to this situation, I am a former Federal investigator, as my wife was also. The elk is carcass is still on site for investigation.

Elk Mutilation Update.

Received from Brian Vike on December 2nd 2003

Hello Brian:

Well, looks like much to do about nothing. (name deleted) of the New Mexico Game and Fish Dept (deleted) came out about 4:00 p.m. He and I and my daughter walked back to the elk, where F&W did a very thorough lookover of the animal. When questioned directly about what caused the rectal area to look cored out, he said "coyotes". He skinned the upright side of the elk and found no visible cause of death. Then he flipped the elk over, and skinned that side. Low and behold, there was an obvious broken rib, which F&W said likely punctured the intestines, leading to death of the animal. On that side of the animal, there were also maggots. He speculates the rib was broken in a fight with another bull elk (the dead elk was a bull, but very small maybe 300lbs per Ty), and the elk started declining and eventually died. He also speculated that someone came across the dead elk and removed the head.

Brian, I am sorry to have caused such a stir about nothing, and I hope you can tell from the photos I sent you why questions arose in my mind. If you wish to file an update to the Rense story, feel free. Thanks for your professionalism and great attitude. I really enjoyed talking to you. Feel free to call anytime or visit if you ever get this far south- maybe you could thaw out, eh??

My many thanks to this witness for a quick update on this story. I also would like to thank him for his kindness also.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

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